Alicia Blickfeldt is a classical crossover soprano. However, she is creating a new music genre that she calls EpiClassical Fantasy. This new and interesting music genre will incorporate elements of things such as Lord of the Rings, Skyrim, and epic orchestral music. Once amazing story-lines and lyrics are added, something very powerful and magical will have been created, and Alicia believes that as people listen to the songs they will be changed. The target audience for this new genre is anyone who is involved in cosplay, comic con, gaming, all things fantasy, and the crossover space.

Having survived two near-death experiences in the same year – breast cancer and being run over by a truck – Alicia learned a valuable life lesson. She comments, “DREAMS WAIT FOR NO ONE and although I’m starting my career a little late in life, I’m moving forward anyway, and you should too. It doesn’t matter what you go through in life, it’s what you do with the time you have left. With the time I have left, I’m going to run as fast and hard as I can!”

Alicia BlickfeldtAlicia’s vision completely encompasses the world of fantasy. She has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the album that she hopes to create called “Of Light – Escape to Another World.” Christopher Escalante, an award-winning music composer and voice actor for video games, film, and media is helping to create the music for the project. This project is a perfect fit for Christopher as he has written original music and songs for many video games and visual novels available for the PC and on Steam such as “Maid with Perfection,” and “ACE Academy.” By advancing to 3:12 on the video at the top of Alicia’s Kickstarter page, a portion of one of the songs from the album by Christopher Escalante can be heard.

Alicia describes the plan of action for creating such an amazing album. She says, “So here’s the plan, it will cost at least $10,000 to hit the target for a digitally recorded album meaning all of the music would be created digitally, with no instruments producing live sound. It’s still pretty amazing quality but it lacks the intensity of a real Orchestra.” She continues, “With the right effects, studio people, sound engineers and an orchestra, it would be out-of-this-world amazing!” However, to make that goal a reality would require a change in the plan and double the cost. Alicia explains, “It would allow for a professional Orchestra and the ability to produce a really spectacular music video with the depth and attributes of a Hollywood movie. The sound quality would be second to none, and the final product would be a work of art!”

If the original goal amount of $10,000 were tripled, Alicia would be able to not only produce the album, but she would move forward with producing a second album of equal quality and multiple music videos over the course of the next year. She says, “This would obviously be optimum in creating the necessary momentum to push this music and movement into high gear, and imagine how much joy and love and light we can produce together as we collaborate together [to] create a world Of Light, and help people Escape to Another World!”

Below is a raw sample of one of the songs from the album called “I Made These Walls” which was recorded with Alicia’s phone. The lyrics to the song (courtesy of Alicia Blickfeldt) are:

I Made These Walls

Thoughts chain my heart to walls laid thick with pain.

Soothing me in dulcet tones—they mask the life of day.


Where in my mind am I so blind, to fire of the soul?

The songs UNsung, the battle’s done? ///

I’m here inside myself, a prisoner of this fate.

Visions of whom I was—is it too late?

Steadily, a shaft of light awakens something new.

Stirring a silent force—of conquest, not defeat!

Belief infuses…brings me to my feet.

I made these walls, they’re mine to break


In my mind I was so blind to fire of the soul!

The songs YET sung, the battle’s won!

Walls which held me bound—

I’m found!

To help Alicia fund this extraordinary project where Magic, Mystery, and Music meet, please visit her Kickstarter page.


      I Made These Walls


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