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Nadia KhristeanNadia Khristean is an interesting person and a person of great interest. She is a multi-talented individual in many areas. She is a Mormon motivational singer/songwriter, a public speaker, co-founder of the Daddy Come Home Foundation, and an interior designer. She is also passionate about writing music for causes such as songs for families of fallen soldiers, anti-bullying, women and inner beauty, addiction recovery, and abuse.

She is is the head of numerous programs such as the Daddy Come Home Foundation, “You are Beautiful” Program, and anti-bullying events, and is a dynamic public speaker, teaming up with several foundations, charities, and events to support a cause.

Nadia was born and raised in Utah. Her mother is Colombian, thus she had the advantage of growing up in a bi-cultural influence. Her great-grandfather is from Lebanon; therefore, her name is of Arabic origin. “Nadia” means hope, and “Khristean” means anointed Christian. She loves the outdoors and says, “I’ve grown up on four-wheelers, water-tubing, hiking, and anything else outdoors that gives me a fresh air of life and takes me to a higher elevation.”

She began writing songs at the young age of seven years. At the age of 15, she co-founded the Daddy Come Home Foundation and recorded her first single professionally. The song is now known as “Daddy Come Home.” She comments about how the song came to be, “When I was 11 years old, I was finally beginning to understand the wars in the world. I was accepting everything I learned but was deeply troubled by how a child my age would feel if her dad was in the war. I began to have great empathy and love for the soldiers who had gone to war. So as a young-spirited 11-year-old-girl, I decided to write a song. I never thought it would turn into a “real” song, but after two years of hard work a song was created. After another two years of practice, experience and A TON of hard work, the song is now known as ‘Daddy Come Home.’”

She organized fundraisers with the help of teachers and students, selling her CD to have ceremonies honoring the families of fallen soldiers. From 2010 to 2013, she organized and performed in four ceremonies at LDS Business College along with political leaders Attorney Mark Shurtleff, Senator Chris Buttars, and others. She was also a guest on a radio show at Brigham Young University and spoke about what motivates her to keep running the foundation.

About her passion for writing songs about various causes, Nadia has commented:

My family and I enjoy traveling and seeing different cultures of the world. This has affected a lot of my perspective of the world and the urgency I feel to write music for causes. Each cause is unique.  For example: Anti-bullying came to me because I was bullied most of my elementary and middle school years, and when I finally overcame it, I wanted just to shout to the world that there’s hope, and it lies within.  Inner Beauty was similar; I wrote it because I, like any other girl, did not feel pretty enough.  When I finally realized that my self-worth wasn’t about looking outward but upward, I again wanted to tell the whole world.  So I wrote a song.  [As far as] Abuse, I grew up with several friends who were abused which inspired me to write a song giving hope to them. Each song has a story of its own!

Nadia KhristeanSome of her other notable credits and accolades include being honored by the Utah National Compact Organization (2012) and the “Where Much is Given” foundation (2013).  She has spearheaded “You are Beautiful” Programs in Utah County, Salt Lake Valley, and Peru. In 2014, she recorded three music videos through Soularium Studios and Go Big Films with each song directed towards a specific cause such as anti-bullying, inner beauty in women, abused children, families of fallen soldiers, how small acts make a difference, etc. And she was accepted into BYU’s Commercial Music Program with Award-Winning Producers Ron Saltmarsh and Aaron Merrill.

Nadia KhristeanNadia Khristean is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She served a mission for the Church in Lima, Peru (2014 – 2015) where she was a part of many flash mob performances on buses and with the aid of pianos in parks. While serving in Peru, she arranged the music for and directed ten choirs for religious conferences. In 2015, she released her Christmas Music video “Hark the Herald Angels Sing Medley” for the LDS Church #ASaviorIsBorn campaign.  And in 2016, she released an Easter Video “Hallelujah” for the Church’s #Hallelujah campaign. She has recently collaborated with the Piano Gal, Colby Ferrin and Shaun Barrowes, creating music for causes being released soon through Aevium Films.

She is currently studying for a Bachelor Degree in Commercial Music at BYU and has hopes of also earning a Master Degree in Business. She works part-time at a place called House of Drapery and Blinds, and during the summer she also works part-time writing music.

Nadia was once asked, “What do you want us to tell the world about you?” She replied:

Just tell them that these songs aren’t about me. It’s about doing anything I can, to be just a drop in the ocean. I feel so strongly that the world can sometimes be so discouraging. So I hope to lift someone, even if it’s just one person, to look a little higher and realize that there’s still something better ahead. That’s why I am so passionate about writing music for causes, if anything, it’s changing my life and allowing me to see the world in a different perspective. And I am so grateful to be a part of it.

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