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Please take a brief moment to read our Mission Statement:

Latter-day Saint Musicians Mission Statement:
“Our mission is to share the light that is within us by sending positive, uplifting messages to the peoples of the world to give them hope and encouragement. We will accomplish our mission by spreading the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the “Good News,” by using music. We believe that music is the universal language and that the healing balm that it provides to the souls of men is incomparable to any other source. We further believe that as lives are touched by the power of good, wholesome music, those same lives can be changed for the better.”

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Latter-day Saint Musicians Disclaimer Statement:
“We are not responsible for any content that you find once you leave our website. Please understand that we intend to include as many LDS music artists as possible on our website, however, we do not control the content found on the artists’ official websites, blogs, videos, or social media channels. Please also understand that even though Latter-day Saint Musicians features many LDS music artists, we cannot put you in direct contact with any of them. If you would like to contact a music artist, please do so through their official channels – official website or social media. Further, there is no sheet music available on our website, and we cannot refer you to sites that do offer sheet music. Also, please note that Latter-day Saint Musicians does not own or operate a recording studio, nor can we recommend a recording studio for your use. Thank you!”



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