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Paul Cardall“I’ve been blessed my whole life to have this heart defect. I am far from perfect and needed this in my life to teach me things I could have never learned without it.” – Paul Cardall

Paul Layton Cardall does not use his health concerns as an excuse in life (a heart transplant renewed his health).  He has used his experiences to bless many lives.  His blog has provided thousands of people the opportunity to share in his ups and downs.  As he awaited a heart transplant, he quoted Albert Einstein, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”…I am learning more than I could ever dream of and I hope to pull through to share that with much more people” (from his blog).

Paul is the successful owner of an independent record label, Stone Angel Music.  He writes and performs music, and has played the piano since he was a young boy of 8. That early experience, however, proved not to be an accurate demonstration of his true potential. His father said, “He lasted about six months as an 8 or 9-year-old. His piano teacher just said it wasn’t worth her time or our money to have him pursue that. So, he no longer played.”

Despite two more heart surgeries when he was 13 and 14, Paul became an accomplished pianist, showing a gift for harmony and precision. In high school, he became serious about wanting to compose and perform music. With the help of another musically inclined friend, he wrote a piano concerto that he described as “Russian polka meets a Nintendo game soundtrack.” He performed his composition at his high school’s annual Concerto night. About the experience, he would later write in his book Before My Heart Stops, “I had never felt so nervous and so alive. I knew I wanted more of this.” After one of his best friends died at age 17 in a tragic car accident, he began writing music to express his emotions, composing a musical tribute to his friend.

His road hasn’t been easy because of his congenital heart problem. He served a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in San Bernardino, California, from 1992-1994, and was recruited by Salt Lake Community College (SLCC). He served as the Fine Arts President and Public Relations Vice-President at SLCC while enjoying a full-ride leadership scholarship there.  As a college student, he played the piano for tips around Salt Lake City, Utah.

In 1994, Paul completed his first album, Sign of Affection.  He went on to make a musical adaptation of Richard Paul Evans’s story The Christmas Box. Since Paul was able to travel around with Evans during the release of the CD and the book, he was able to sell tens of thousands of copies of his album.  He developed a supportive fan base and created more albums.

He worked with Disney, BMG, and others, and soon became interested in making piano performance his career. In 1999, he signed, and released two records, with Narada (of Virgin Records America). He then left Narada to start Stone Angel Music, which distributes his music to various locations around the globe, such as Singapore, South Korea, and Spain.

Paul has released 12 albums and has enjoyed great success as a professional musician.  His label has signed Steven Sharp Nelson, Jake White, Ryan Stewart, Ryan Tilby. Jason Lyle Black (Piano Preludes), and Shane Mickelsen (Classical Hymns).

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