TRENTREN is a Mormon band comprised of students and graduates from Brigham Young University (BYU). Taylor Miranda, Richard Williams, Eliza Smith, and Nate Young all met through the Commercial Music Program at BYU. They combine their amazing music talents to create awesome music, with a unique focus on creating music for major films such as “Captain America: Civil War,” the upcoming American superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character, Captain America.

Speaking about the song “Civil War,” the band stated on its Facebook page that “the premise of the song is that evil wins when forces for good are divided. It is when we come together that good prevails and amazing things can happen.” In the comments section for the video “Civil War,” TREN posted the following statement, “Eliza Smith was a co-writer for Civil War, but wasn’t able to be in the video, as she is currently serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Philippines. We made sure to write and record with her as much as we could before she left, and she will be featured on our next song”.

Taylor Miranda is a songwriter and singer who has written and produced three CDs, and she is also the founder of the custom music business, Richard Williams is a multi-instrumentalist and film composer who has won two Hollywood Student Emmy’s for composition. Eliza Smith is a singer, songwriter and musician who has performed with multiple ensembles ranging from the indie folk band Coin in the Sea, to playing synthesizer for BYU’s world famous Young Ambassadors. Nate Young is a songwriter and front man for the popular band, Spirit City, in addition to being an engineer, producer, and owner of Modern Audio in Utah.

TREN - Civil WarThe band got its start when they were given a class assignment to write an end-credit song for the final “Hunger Games” movie. They liked the song so much that they formed TREN, combining two singer-songwriters (Taylor and Eliza), with a film composer (Richard Williams), and an incredible engineer, instrumentalist, and songwriter (Nate Young) to take the song to the next level. The band fully produced the song and created a YouTube music video which they used to campaign to get their song, “Live or Survive,” in the final “Hunger Games” film.

Soon after the video was released, the response was astounding, with over 300,000 combined Facebook video and YouTube views. The truly amazing part of it all was that with sharing and support through the internet, the song was actually heard by people connected with the film. Unfortunately, the song did not make it into the film, but the experience encouraged and inspired the band to want to do more.

Since then, they have created the original song tailored to the movie “Captain America: Civil War” called “Civil War,” a song for James Bond Spectre called “Ghost,” and a Christmas song called “My Savior.” The future looks bright for TREN, and their plan is to continue writing music for major movies, and to get their music to the big screen.

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