Alex Boyé - Heart of A LionThis author has often said that the easiest way to become defeated in this life is never to try at all. Sometimes in life we are faced with seemingly insurmountable hurdles and instead of trying to get over them, or go around them, we view the obstacles as a roaring lion and are quick to run and cower. As a result, we often fail to see our dreams and aspirations come to fruition because we lack the fortitude to press forward and engage that “lion” that seemingly stands in our path. Even before we take the first step, we convince ourselves that it is impossible to defeat the beast before us and so we give up and give in without even trying.

We often fail at life’s greatest challenges or feel that we are failures because we are our worse critics – judging ourselves more harshly than the reality of the situation. So, in effect, we fail, not because of someone or something, but rather because we fail ourselves. The road to success in life is filled with many obstacles and hurdles, as well as those potholes called “failure.” We should try to avoid the potholes if we can, or at least realize that they are there and devise a plan to get past them without falling in.

No one has ever promised us that life would be a rose garden, or that the road we would travel would be smooth as glass. Nevertheless, there are many good heartened people in the world who live their lives being overshadowed by an ominous cloud of defeatism. These are they who defeat themselves by never attempting to carry out certain tasks because they view the tasks before them as being too hard or too big. They immediately convince themselves that they do not possess the intelligence, comprehension, or skill set needed to complete such tasks. Thus, they give up without ever trying, cheating themselves out of the wonderment of what they may have achieved if they only had the courage and the willpower to forge ahead. What they lack is the heart of a lion.

Alex Boyé - Heart of A LionThis week’s “Video Find of the Week” features British-born American singer and actor, Alex Boyé, and his new music video “Heart of A Lion” from the album / EP titled “We All Bleed the Same.” The video, published on his YouTube channel on 13 September 2016 has already garnered more than 2,300 views. The video was directed by Jake Clayson of Hypereon Media and was produced in conjunction with Kane County Office of Tourism & Film Commission in Kanab, Utah.

True to his Africanized style, Alex dances and sings his way into our hearts with his powerful message that we all need to have the heart of a lion when dealing with the adversities of life. He encourages us to face our “Goliath” in life, whatever it may be, and never let the light of hope go out.


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