Singer Alex Boyé, who is no stranger to fame, recently started his own family vlog on YouTube. Following in the footsteps of other Mormon family vlogs (like “Ellie and Jared” or the Shaytards), Alex Boyé plans to open his home and family to YouTube viewers around the world with his family vlog “The Boyé Family Jewels.”

“Everybody, whenever I go and do concerts and shows, are like, ‘How’s your family?’ ‘Who’s your family?’ ‘How many kids do you have?’ ‘Who are they?’ ‘What do they look like?'” Alex explains in his first vlog post. “And so, we put this channel up so that people can get to know my family and we can just hang out.”

Posted on June 11, 2016, the Boyé’s first video blog is whimsical and fun. Rather than documenting a day in the studio, Alex introduces viewers to his family. From random facts to off-camera nose picking, the Boyé family comfortably shows family life in a genuine and relaxed video.

Boyé Family

The Boyé family (via

From the very start, Alex introduces viewers to his wife, Julie, and their five children, Adanna (6), Zander (5), India (3), Ari (almost 2), and Treyu (6 weeks), who are each 18 months apart in age. The Boyé family breaks the ice by showing viewers their best dance moves.

Far from taking themselves too seriously, the Boyé family genuinely seems to have fun with the vlog and don’t take themselves too seriously. Reminiscent of times when siblings take over the camera, the vlog is disorganized in a good way. All the children describe their favorite food (overwhelmingly voting for spaghetti), while Alex describes how Julie tries to make Nigerian stew.

However, they also involve viewers in special family moments, like a candid moment with Alex jumping on the trampoline with his children or Treyu smiling and showing his adorable dimples for the first time. Truly a beautiful family, the Boyés get more and more comfortable the longer the camera rolls. Showing us a glimpse of real life, we hear about Julie and Alex hitting the gym, witness lawn furniture malfunctioning in the backyard, hear children calling for attention off camera, and see children diagnosed with bumps on their forehead. Above all, viewers should expect a lot of dancing.

Alex’s lighthearted jokes and Julie’s spontaneous dancing make for an entertaining and fun first vlog. With beautiful children and entertaining parents, “The Boyé Family Jewels” promises to be a good time for everyone in the weeks and days ahead.

As Alex concludes, “A family with an afro stays together. I am a blessed man. My name is Alex Boyé, and this is my beautiful family. And you’re just going to just get stuff of us doing normal things, nothing really adventurous. But we’re just going to have some fun and just bring you into our life: The Boyé Family Jewels.”


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