World renown music artist and performer Alex Boyé just hit No. 2 on the Billboard Gospel Music Charts. This achievement is a huge step for Alex in his career, and he is well deserving of it. Alex has created a wide variety of songs and videos throughout his years as an artist and musician. From funny to spiritual, to modern day pop, to inspirational, Alex Boyé has got it all.

Alex has traveled the world working with many different artists and groups to create incredible music videos and songs. Each video receives hundreds of thousands of views. Some of them such as his Africanized tribal cover of “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen, and Africanized tribal cover of Coldplay’s song “Paradise” with The Piano Guys, have reached over 45 million views.

What is so incredible is that Alex Boyé started at the bottom and worked his way up to become one of the most well-lovedAlex Boye artists, filling everyone who hears his music with power, encouragement, and amazement. It is a pure talent to be able to create so many different genres of music that are Africanized to show his personality and love for life. All of his music videos are incredible; the videography just blows my mind each time I watch a new video of his or re-watch an older one. I never cease to be amazed.

The first video I saw of his was his “Circle Of Life” video from the Lion King. I was so obsessed with the video and song that I probably watched it ten more times that day. Each new release of his has struck me in a similar way, and I am so happy that he is being recognized for his hard work, love for life, and the joy, fun, and peace that each of his videos brings into the viewers lives.

I am goldAlex Boyé’s music video I AM GOLD is an Africanized Dubstep song, which relates a lot to the younger generation as Dubstep has recently become more popular. This video was released in 2013 and is about a young man working towards achieving his dreams of becoming a pro wakeboarder. The message behind this song is that you should never give up on your dreams. Keep trying, keep pushing, keep falling and getting right back up on your feet, and you will get there. Just as the song says – “I Am Gold. You are gold.”

One comment on his I AM GOLD video reads as such, “This is one of my absolute favorites of your songs. Please never stop being yourself and showing the world that it’s ok not to be a cookie-cutter performer. I am so inspired by you and hope to one day see you live! God bless what you do.” Another comment says, “Words cannot explain the impact this song has left in my life! Thank you!” These are just two of thousands of the observations left on Alex’s videos explaining how much his music means to people and how it has touched their lives.

Alex Boyé is a real inspiration and deserves to be No. 2, if not No. 1 on the Music Billboard Charts. If you ever want to be entertained and inspired, he has endless amounts of amazing videos to watch, each of them being unique and yet completely Alex.


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