Singer Alex Boyé put his signature afro-pella spin on The Backstreet Boy’s classic “As Long As You Love Me”

The combination of a famous pop song and Alex Boyé’s signature afro-pella style make Boyé’s new music video, “As Long As You Love Me,” a spin on The Backstreet Boy’s classic that is sure to make anyone feel like dancing.

Boyé is popular with fans for his “Africanized” covers of pop songs that bring the feeling of his Nigerian background into the music. His rustic, accented vocals and the addition of traditional African instruments and beats have the power to put a new, fresh, and catchy spin on any song. It’s those elements, along with Boyé’s simple yet fun dance moves, that make “As Long As You Love Me” another great addition to the artist’s repertoire. He created this cover as an entry in Ryan Seacrest’s #BestCoverEver contest, where the winner will be able to sing the song with The Backstreet Boys in person.

The “As Long As You Love Me” video features Boyé’s vocal, instrumental, and dance talents throughout the video. He creates and jives to the music against a simple white background that allows the viewer to focus on the deeply lush combination of vocals, sound effects, and instruments. Even though the lyrics and the melody sound familiar, Boyé’s version adds a new level of depth to the fun song without taking away from its ability to make anyone want to break out in dance.  Boyé’s cover doesn’t try to change anything about or be better than the original, it’s a take and tribute that can stand on its own and shines through its unique style and sound.

Boyé’s simple choreography makes the musical arrangement from “As Long As You Love Me” stand out.


Boyé’s signature style of producing “Africanized” covers is one of the things that has made him so popular with his fans. It’s always interesting to see what he’ll do next, and this style of music is a way to get to know more about his background and the life experiences he draws from when creating music. His time spent in Nigeria has given him the tools to create this “pop with an African twist” that has received such a positive response from viewers.

“As Long As You Love Me” isn’t a song that is known for its poignant message, but it still serves as a good reminder of how motivating and powerful love can be. On the outside, it just appears to be a catchy and lighthearted tune, but looking a little deeper it’s possible to see that love can be a powerful and motivating factor and that we shouldn’t be afraid to love others. Boyé’s spin on this boy-band classic is original and sure to make anyone smile who gives it a listen!


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