WizdivoPaul Kumah, whose professional name is Wizdivo, is a music artist from Kumasi, Ghana, Africa. He did not have a Christian upbringing as neither his father, who died when Paul was six years old, nor his mother were Christian.

Paul’s music career started when he was 18 years old. His mother loved his music and became his inspiration to pursue his dream as a music artist. He also had a passion for dancing and had the opportunity to attend a film making school called Ghallywood Academy of Film Acting in Accra, Ghana. The school offered the best of both worlds for Paul, as the course curriculum included singing and dancing. He studied dance, singing, acting, cinematography, film and video editing, and directing.

After completing his course of study, Paul landed his first role as an actor and played the part of a schoolboy in a film written and directed by the Director of Ghallywood Academy of Film Acting, William Akuffo. In 2010, the film, which was called Modern Day, was made into a television series, and aired in London, England.

In 2012, Paul produced his first film, which was made in a local tribe, Basaare and Twi, in Ghana. The film was called Saan ki Taaji (Suffer Not Gain). In 2014, he produced another local movie called The Seven Demons. Not only did he produce both films, but he is also credited with the writing, directing, cinematography work, and editing of both.

Paul also studied Media Law and Ethics and Journalism at the GiFam School of Journalism. The school is in the Tamale Metropolitan Area in Ghana and is part of the University of Development Studies (UDS). It was during that time that Paul began to develop more interest in music.

He graduated from the GiFam School of Journalism in 2015. In that same year, he recorded his first song, “Adom” (Grace) which was a success. The video can be found on his YouTube channel. After watching the video, his mother encouraged him to continue with his music. He also had his first Live performance that year at the YSA Summit 2015 which was comprised of members from the Kumasi Bantama Stake and other stakes in the area. Everyone loved his song.

While making a music video for a friend, he was introduced to the missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was taught the gospel and was baptized a member of the Church. He says that his favorite verses in the Book of Mormon are Moroni 10:3-6, and it was the reading of those verses that led to his conversion. One year later, he was called to serve a full-time mission in the Nigeria Owerri Mission. His beloved mother passed away while he was on his mission.

Not only is Wizdivo a musician, but he is also a humanitarian. In early 2020, he was a host to Mrs. International 2019, Robin Towle, from the United States. Together they staged a concert to help raise funds to support the less fortunate. The concert featured many underground artists and proved to be a blessing to many.

Thus far, in 2021, Wizdivo has released two original songs. His song, “Eternity,” is about eternal marriage in the temple. His song, “Youth,” is about young people being obedient to their parents. Both songs will be included on his yet to be released EP titled Light.

Wizdivo says that he is inspired by music artists like Alex Boyé, JTM, and Jay Warren. He says, “They give me joy when I listen to their songs. I always want to use music as a tool to bring souls to Christ, and to bring hope and joy to the masses.” He continues, “I am a very good dancer with a great passion for music. I love to help the needy in the community through music and help to build the Kingdom of God.”

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