In preparation for the new movie coming out “Meet the Mormons: New Faces/ New Stories,” a music video was released by bless4, a family run entertainment group from Tokyo, Japan. The bless4 group is made up of the four siblings – two brothers and two sisters – of the Kawamitsu family. Akashi and Aiki are the two brothers in the family group and Kanasa and Akino are the two sisters.

Bless4 _ I Am a Child of GodThe video released is a rendition of the hymn “I Am a Child of God,” including both Japanese and English lyrics. Being able to listen to songs in another language is always a powerful and heart feeling experience. This cover is so unique and brings about an entirely new take on the hymn “I Am a Child of God.”

The first verse is sung in the beautiful Japanese language. Even though a person may not be able to understand what is being sung without the use of subtitles, they are still able to feel the Spirit and words ring true through their voices. Kanasa and Akino have peaceful yet powerful voices and are able to make us all feel that we are a child of God. They join together to perform this verse, letting the hymn be a prayer to the Lord as they sing, “Ka-mi no ko de-su, Wa-ta- shi ya an-a- ta, A-fu- re-ru me-gu- mi ni, Kan-sha shi-ma- su. Wa-ta- shi o ta-su- ke-te, Mi-chi- bi-i- te, It-su ka-mi mo-to- e, Yu- ke-ru yo-u- ni.” If you listen, you can clearly hear and follow along with each syllable they sing in the Japanese parts of this amazing cover.

After singing this verse, they sing it again, this time in English, “I am a child of God, And He has sent me here, Has given my an earthly home, With parents kind and dear, Lead me, guide me, walk beside me, Help me find the way, Teach me all that I must do, To live with Him someday.”

Bless4I was blessed to be able to live in Tokyo, Japan, for 4 months in 2015. While there I was able to meet Kanasa and Akino at the Young Single Adult activities held by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Kanasa and Akino are such incredible and beautiful sisters and people. I remember feeling so loved and welcomed into the group, as they would approach me during each activity and ask how I was doing and share with me answers to any questions I had about Japan. As I got to talk with them and know them better each week, I could honestly feel that they are truly kind people and are deeply devoted to their faith. I feel privileged that I was able to get to know them, and that I am able to write about them now.

At times we all feel lost and alone. We may feel that we don’t belong and that if we left we might just be forgotten. Yet this hymn reminds us that is not true. We are never alone, we are children of a loving God, and He has sent us here to this earth to learn and find joy.

The Kawamitsu family is able to share their joy through their music, as well as bless the lives of all who hear them. They remind us in this cover that God will help to teach and guide us, that as we turn to Him, He will help us find the way. Each of us has our own journey to take, our own path to travel, but the fact we are all children of an all-knowing God is unchanging.

Let your soul feel the serenity that bless4 is able to bring about through their version of “I Am a Child of God.” Don’t let yourself ever forget that you are truly a child of God who loves you and is watching over you, and who wants nothing more than your infinite happiness.

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