Brandon FlowersLDS Rockstar and frontman for the band The Killers, Brandon Flowers, recently sat down with Andrew Kiraly of Nevada Public Radio for an up close and personal interview. During the interview, they discussed several topics, among them Brandon’s Mormon faith and how it affects his career.

Andrew asked Brandon, “How does your LDS faith exist in relation to your music? Is it in a separate box, or does it find expression somehow in your music or perhaps in your career as a musician?” Brandon answered by comparing the struggles that he had when the band first started to where he feels he is today spiritually. He said, “I don’t think my LDS faith can exist in a separate box. Not if I’m following it faithfully, anyway. In the early days of the band, there was a real internal struggle and a lot of identity-searching. I wanted to be authentic; and being a good Mormon boy had never been affiliated with rock ‘n’ roll on that large of a scale before. It took some trial and error, but I’m starting to inhabit a place that feels like mine.”

Brandon FlowersThe interview also consisted of questions by other people. Myron Martin, president and CEO of The Smith Center asked, “How do you think the success of Las Vegas bands, including The Killers and Imagine Dragons, has changed the world’s perception of Las Vegas as an entertainment capital? Or do you even think that the world connects the fact that you are from Vegas? Brandon replied, “I think before The Killers, Las Vegas was widely seen as a place for older “entertainers” with antiquated charm to semi-gracefully watch their curtains close. Nobody thought of it as any kind of creative breeding ground. It’s nice to be a part of the change. And I think people do connect us with Las Vegas. We’ve made damn sure of it! This is our town. [Therefore] we walk the way we walk, talk the way we talk, and play the way we play, and we’re not ashamed of it.”

Brandon is married and has three sons ages ten, eight, and six. Andrew Kiraly asked, “Is it hard to juggle family and your music career? Anything unusual you do to make it work? For example, does the family ever tour with you?” Brandon replied that it is a challenge to have both a successful family life and a successful career at the same time. But, he says, “I’m one of the extremely lucky ones. The success of the band has allowed me to bring the family out as much as we can. Or for me to be able to fly to them more often than I would have been able to otherwise. My boys are 10, 8, and 6 now, and it’s a lot easier on my wife to travel with them.”


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