Pop singer David Archuleta has over 200,000 followers on the social media platform Instagram. While his page is usually filled with pictures of his latest adventures, the singer recently posted a photo of the LDS temple in Bern, Switzerland along with a caption relaying his testimony and beliefs.

Archuleta has never shied away from his religion, even stepping away from the music scene for two years to serve a mission in Chile. The decision to share some of his beliefs and testimony via social media was still a decision that has gotten a lot of attention from his fans and the media.

Mormons can sometimes tend to fall into the incorrect belief that the religion is complicated and too risky to get into a discussion about over social media. Archuleta, however, shows that these beliefs are not complicated and it’s possible to share them in a respectful, calm way without coming off in a confrontational manner.

Archuleta recently completed his ‘Orion’ tour and then spent some time at the Bern temple. He wrote about the experience in the caption for his Instagram post:

This is the LDS temple in Bern, Switzerland. I had the chance to be here for a few days this week after finishing the Orion tour to accompany dear friends of mine for some special things—including a marriage ceremony. In LDS temples the marriage ceremony is different. Rather than “Til death do you part” the words are “for time and for all eternity.” Mormons believe that families can be together forever, and who we are is so much more than starting just on our birthday and ending here with our death date. It expands to who we were before then and who we are after. If you know a Mormon or ever come across Mormon missionaries, you’ll probably hear about this when they talk about the Plan of Salvation (or plan of happiness). It’s one of the things I got to teach people for 2 years in Chile as a missionary. I’m grateful for the peace I feel here at temples, and the time I got to spend with my friends as I supported them in Switzerland. If you want to know more about what I’m talking about, you can check out Mormon.org and look up the beliefs. I know a lot of things are said about my beliefs, but there’s no better way to learn the truth about someone or a religion than to talk to someone of that faith or go to the source. A lot of fears and misunderstandings get cleared and we can gain more respect for each other. I’ve loved getting to go with band members and crew of other beliefs to a catholic mass, hear a baptist sermon, hike or drive up a mountain and do some meditation, or attend a mosque during time of prayer. You gain so much more appreciation and love for others when you understand where someone comes from. So next time you see a Mormon or a Mormon missionary, you can tell them I told you to say hi and ask something about what us Mormons believe.

His testimony and willingness to be open about his religion, instead of guarded and on the defense like many, is refreshing and a reminder to us all that we can all come to a better understanding of each other if we’re just willing to talk and listen without fear.



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