Stuart Edge, Random Acts TV members, and Logan Jr. Chef work together to bring a gourmet meal to a local homeless shelter.

YouTube star Stuart Edge recently teamed up with Logan Jr. Chef and Random Acts TV to bring a gourmet meal to a homeless shelter in Provo, Utah. The video was sponsored by Blue Apron and aims to bring awareness about hunger and the need for food donations in the United States.

Logan Jr. Chef is known for his cooking skills that led him to become a champion on MasterChef Junior. With his knowledge and expertise, the team of Edge and members of BYUtv’s Random Acts TV show were able to turn simple, donated ingredients into a gourmet meal and special treat for those coming to the homeless shelter for a meal that day. It was a special treat for those who got to partake of the meal and reminder to viewers that not everyone is lucky enough to know where all of their meals will come from each day.

According to Feeding America, 42.2 million Americans live in food insecure households. A food insecure household means that there is no reliable access to a sufficient amount of affordable and nutritious food. Poverty and food insecurity are different but can be related. Unemployment, stagnant wages and the rising cost of living all contribute the food insecurity throughout the country. In Utah, where Edge’s video was filmed, the food insecurity rate is 14.2%, with about 416,670 people struggling with food insecurity.

In Edge’s video, the time crunch to create and plate a hot and delicious meal for patrons almost prevents things from going smoothly. With only a few people to create an entire meal for so many people, things have to move quickly – and not everyone is as experienced in the kitchen as Logan Jr. Thankfully, everything works out with some reinforcements and they are able to get the meal out promptly.

The recipients of the meal are quick to show how grateful they are to get a real meal. For some, it’s hard to remember how long it’s been since their last one. It’s a touching reminder that there are members of our own communities everywhere who don’t get a real, hot meal every day and that having a reliable source of nutritious food is a very real struggle for many all over the country. The group’s creation of soup and vegetables brings smiles to everyone’s faces. Edge reminds us that homeless shelters and the Food Care Coalitions rely on donations. We’re also reminded that being able to cook our own meals, no matter how simple they may be, is a real privilege that many don’t have.

Edge, Logan Jr., and Random Acts TV came together in this great humanitarian project to remind us that we can make a difference in our own communities and that there are people out there who need our help, either through volunteering or donations. They are able to simultaneously make us smile and also remind us of what we have to be grateful for and ways to help those around us.


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