Gardiner SistersThe family singing trio, the Gardiner Sisters, released their original acoustic song, “Running,” in a new music video featuring LDS actors.

After posting their original acoustic song to their YouTube page in 2011, the Gardiner Sisters received multiple fan requests for a music video or studio recording. Five years later, the singing trio released their new music video featuring their original song and two up-and-coming LDS actors.

If the couple in the video looks familiar, you may have seen the Mormon Message about bullying. Actor Colby Ross Smith and “Saturday’s Warrior” newcomer Monica Moore Smith, who share the same last name but are not related, teamed up in the Mormon Message to portray a bully and his victim for President Uchtdorf’s message, “Stop it.”

Teaming up again for a music video about running away from love, Colby Ross Smith and Monica Moore Smith no longer portray a bully and his victim, but instead appear as a couple falling in love.

“We actually worked on a Mormon Message together,” Monica said, “but funny thing in the last one he was bullying me, so I guess it worked out and it turned into this.”

The Gardiner Sisters, made up of Hailey, 22, Allie, 20, and Mandi, 19, started performing and writing music from a young age. As the oldest in a family of eight, the three sisters often include other family members in their musical productions. In 2007, the sisters began posting videos and covers to YouTube to garner followers and fans. Performing in Canada and the USA, including at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, the sisters enjoy performing and creating music for their audiences.

We hope to uplift and inspire those who listen to our music and watch our videos,” the sisters post on their Facebook page. “Our dreams of sharing positive, upbeat songs with our signature harmonies are made possible by all those support our independent endeavors.”

The Gardiner Sisters are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and live in North Carolina.


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