GENTRI in their new music video for “Don’t Let Go.”

GENTRI released a new video this week that is sure to touch the hearts of parents and children everywhere. “Don’t Let Go” sends a message of love and hope, and pays tribute to the fathers who love their children unconditionally.

In the description for the video, GENTRI explained, “As we approach Father’s Day weekend, we pay tribute to the men who have had the courage to love us unconditionally, to pick us up when we’ve fallen and to never stop believing in us. When in the midst of trial, turmoil, and tribulation, a Father’s love for his child can serve as a powerful reminder, “Don’t Let Go.”

In between shots of the tenor trio, we see the story unfold of a modern day prodigal son. A father and son have a falling out, and as the son goes on his way he encounters many hardships and trials. Drinking, drugs, homelessness, and incarceration all ensue. As time goes on, the son seems to turn a corner and begins to think of his childhood and father once again. All this time, we see the father missing his son tremendously and aching for his safety and hopeful return.

The son relapses into his old ways after a failed relationship, and his life begins to spiral downward once more. But this time, instead of letting go completely, he begins to think of home. Taking what little he has, he sets off trying to get back, walking, running and hitchhiking his way. When he finally arrives, however, his guilt and embarrassment hold him back and he is unable to walk up to the door. Instead, he becomes overwhelmed and sits by the fence, unsure of what to do next. It’s not until the father walks by the window and sees him, running out in disbelief and with nothing but welcoming arms, that the two are reunited. Together, they walk into the home and we are left to imagine how the rest of the reunion goes.

“Don’t Let Go” depicts a moving story between a father and prodigal son.

GENTRI’s “Don’t Let Go” is a powerful song by itself, but coupled with its music video it provides an incredibly touching reminder to fathers and mothers everywhere that loving your children no matter what is not wrong, and often has more of an impact than we realize. The song is beautifully performed, and paired with its moving video, will touch the hearts of anyone who watches.





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