GENTRI performs their latest cover, “God Bless The USA” for the Fourth of July.

In honor of July 4th and as a part of the #GENTRIcovers series, tenor trio GENTRI released a new music video covering the classic American anthem “God Bless The USA.”

The new video features the three young tenors performing “God Bless The USA” in a classic, rustic country setting. Everything from the truck to the large American flag hanging from the barn in the background oozes feelings of Americana. Add in the classical voices of the group members and GENTRI is able to bring a new, powerful aspect to the classic song.

Originally written and released by Lee Greenwood in 1984, “God Bless The USA” is one of those songs that has a habit of popping up during rough periods as a way of boosting hope and morale. In the song a man relates how, if he lost everything and had to start over, there’s nowhere else he’d rather be than the United States. “God Bless The USA” was popular during the Gulf War as a way to raise spirits, and once again rose to the top of the charts during the September 11 attacks in 2001 and the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Greenwood, when speaking of the inspiration behind the song, said that it was the song he had been wanting to write his whole life and that it ended up practically writing itself. “God Bless The USA” was a reflection of his pride in his country, and it has continued to help instill that pride in new generations of Americans.

When someone hears “God Bless The USA” it’s hard not to feel an almost overwhelming surge of pride – not just for the country and where they’re from, but for all those who have and continue to fight for our freedoms. The song is a rousing anthem that sparks hope, raises morale, and reminds us of how lucky we are to live in a place that gives us so much more freedom than the majority of the world has. “God Bless The USA” reminds not just of who we are, but of what we have and why it’s worth preserving.

GENTRI’s cover of the song brings extra depth to the song with the addition of two extra voices and harmonies. It’s a classic anthem that everyone can enjoy, and their release of it just in time for Independence Day is the perfect way to get in spirit to celebrate America.


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