“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamer of dreams.” ~ Arthur O. Shaughnessy

Mary Hiett - Bar NoneMary Hiett, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is an awe-inspiring songwriter who hales from Idaho Falls, Idaho. She currently resides in Etna, California, which is a small valley with a minute population.

She actually began writing music four years ago at the age of 60, and admits, “When God gave me this music, I did not know what to do with it.” Thus far, she has learned through her experiences that trying to get her music out to the world is neither an easy or cheap venture. Without having all the niceties ready at hand for making professional recordings, Mary was faced with finding her own recording technician, arranger, vocalist, and a place to record. Nevertheless, Mary did not allow any of those obstacles to deter her. She continued to press forward realizing that the work and the good that she is doing is not about her or for her. She is on a mission and her errand for the Lord is to create music that is uplifting and inspiring.

It was Leo Tolstoy who once said, “Music is the shorthand of emotion.” Perhaps this is a thought settled deep within Mary’s subconscious as she sits at her piano to prepare a melodious feast that will feed the souls of all who will listen. The music that she composes is full of passion and compassion, and evokes the emotions of anyone who hears it, with the overt intention of playing with the heartstrings. Within each song and melody that she composes is an amazing story – a story that captivates even the most casual listener of her music. 

Mary Hiett - Bar NoneHer most recent release, The Best of Mary Hiett: Bar None, is nothing short of a creative masterpiece. From beginning to end, each of the 16 tracks are a superb example of Mary Hiett’s genius as a composer. Jane Swan who taught history and served as the director of the Women’s Center at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, asked the direct question, “How is that music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, our highest aspirations?” Mary Hiett manages to answer that question with her creation of The Best of Mary Hiett: Bar None. Not a single word is spoken or sung on the entire album, yet our laughter, fears, and high aspirations are all evoked. 

The Best of Mary Hiett: Bar None is actually a project that Mary began working on four years ago – her dream project if you will. She has always been drawn to cinematic music. She recalls, “I remember going to the movies and taking in the whole experience. I would be emotionally stirred inside when those deep, passionate cinematic songs played on the big screen. It took me to place deep inside of me that lit a spark. The only way that I can describe it is that it fed my soul! Even though my soul was young, it was moved!”

So, unlike her prior releases, the completion of this magnificent labor of love is for her, a dream come true. She firmly believes that the time is right to present what was once her dream to the world. The incredible music on the 16-track full-length album was arranged and orchestrated under the expertise of her dear friend and producer, Morgan Byers. In fact, the last track on the album titled “Just a Bach Rock” is dedicated to Morgan. When Morgan first started taking piano lessons from Mary, she soon discovered that he is a huge Bach fan. So, she felt inspired to write a cinematic Bach pop rock song as a tribute to him.

The magnificence of Mary Hiett’s new release is evidence that dreams really do come true. So, dare to dream – Just Dream! The album, which is available for purchase from CDBaby, bears the following description, “Bar None is an album with 16 beautiful piano/orchestrated cinematic pop songs that will certainly take you on your own cinematic journey and [help you] create your own story while listening.” Without a doubt, what Mary Hiett presents on this album is indeed her best work to date, Bar None


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