The Story Behind the Creation of a New Masterpiece

Mary Hiett - Bar NoneMary Hiett has returned with a brand new project. It is actually a project that she began working on four years ago and firmly believes that now is the time to wrap it up, put a nice ribbon and bow on it, and present it to the world. Unlike her prior releases, the completion of this magnificent labor of love is for her, a dream come true. This is something that she has always wanted to do. Here is the story behind the wonder and awe of this new creation.

Mary has always been drawn to cinematic music. She says that as a young girl she was extremely shy. She always stood back watching, learning, feeling, but never used her voice as a child. She recalls, “I remember going to the movies and taking in the whole experience. I would be emotionally stirred inside when those deep, passionate cinematic songs played on the big screen. It took me to place deep inside of me that lit a spark. The only way that I can describe it is that it fed my soul! Even though my soul was young, it was moved!”

Mary Hiett - Bar None - Inside CoverSome of the powerful cinematic musical themes that resonated with Mary were How the West was Won; West Side Story; The Magnificent Seven; Taras Bulba; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly; as well as musical themes from John Wayne movies. She also loved the music from TV shows like Mission Impossible, Peter Gunn, A Man Called U.N.C.L.E., and The Big Valley.

Mary even had the television schedule memorized and knew exactly which day of the week which show would be on – from Bonanza on Sunday to Lawrence Welk on Saturday. She says, “It was all about the music!!”

Mary is now 65 years young and still has a deep passion for cinematic music. She says, “My foot cannot hold still when I listen to music from Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, Last of the MohicansGrease, or Dirty Dancing.” Added to that collection of favorites are the beautiful love themes like Out of Africa, Unchained Melody, and For the Love Of a Princess.

Morgan Byers - Arranger/Producer - Bar NoneTaking her passion for cinematic music to a new and exciting level, Mary Hiett has written her own opus of stirring cinematic pop music.  She has a new album called The Best of Mary Hiett (Bar None) Just Dream set to release in October 2019. Mary is not one to boast or brag about her own work but she does admit that the album is “my best work – Bar None!!” The 16-track full-length album is comprised of passionate, emotionally charged songs which were arranged and orchestrated under the expertise of her dear friend and producer, Morgan Byers.

In fact, track 16 on the album titled “Just a Bach Rock” is dedicated to Morgan Byers. When Morgan first started taking piano lessons from Mary, she soon discovered that he is a huge Bach fan. So, she felt inspired to write a cinematic Bach pop rock song as a tribute to him. 

Mary Hiett - Bar None - CD CoverMary says, “As you listen to and enjoy BAR NONE, you will be able to experience your own story or movie. I really call this music – “Journey Music” – because ever song that I listen to takes me on a different journey.” She continues, “If you love sitting in the theater, watching a good movie and being aroused by the deep and passionate music you are listening to, then this album is for you!”

Mary’s new album will be released as a physical CD, as well as digitally on most music platforms. If you would like to purchase a CD for $20, which includes shipping, you can send her your contact information at [email protected] and she will add you to the list. 





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