Monica Moore Smith and sister, Alana Moore Jeffery appear together in the “Such Great Heights” video.

Last week Monica Moore Smith released a new music video cover of The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights” featuring her sister, Alana Moore Jefferey. The sweet, romantic version of the song fits in perfectly with the lush, green surroundings in the video.

Smith has been wanting to collaborate with her sister for some time. It was Smith’s sister, Jeffery, who first inspired her to become a performing artist. After an arrangement of The Postal Service’s song was created for them, the sisters filmed the accompanying music video. The video, which was filmed by RJ Idos, features appearances from Smith’s boyfriend and Jeffery’s husband.

The setup for the video is rustic and simple but is the perfect backdrop for the sister’s clear voices and enchanting harmonies. Surrounded by mountains full of summer green and not trying to distract from the music with any complicated choreography allows the viewer to get a glimpse into just how special it is to see these sisters finally collaborate.

Alana Moore Jeffery in the “Such Great Heights” music video.

“Such Great Heights” is a song about remaining grounded and remembering those who love you. It’s a love song, in a way, about not forgetting about those who mean the most to you even when you’ve reached ‘such great heights.’ It’s an appropriate song choice for Smith to sing with her sister since Smith has seen considerable success in her performing arts career thanks to her sister’s influence and inspiration. It can be easy to get caught up in the success, fame, recognition, and popularity and forget where you came from, but “Such Great Heights” is a reminder that, no matter how successful you are, you can’t forget your roots and how they’ve shaped you. Seeing Smith and Jeffery perform together shows us that there are always people behind us that have helped us get to where we are.

A behind-the-scenes video from the music video gives us a peek at the close, fun relationship between Smith and Jeffery. From going through multiple takes to try and introduce the video without laughing and joking to some fun moments while in the middle of shooting, we are able to see how close the sisters are and how much they have enjoyed being able to work together.

Smith’s latest release is a perfect summer tune but also serves as a friendly reminder not to forget the people in our lives who matter the most.




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