Tyra Orgill and Sander MorrisonWhat happens when the beautiful, tranquil sounds of a cello and harp are combined? The talented musical duo of 15-year-olds Tyra Orgill and Sander Morrison, together known as Enliven, answer that question with their awesome new music video creation, Ancient Drifts. The video was published on their YouTube channel on 3 October 2016.

Speaking about the video, Sander commented on his Facebook page on 3 October 2016, “This is our first original song. This is a piece that was inspired by Heavenly Father. The first time Tyra and I ever tried playing the harp and cello together, we improvised this melody. All good music is from Heaven. We hope that it will “Enliven” your day and that you will find the meaning that Heavenly Father needs you to get out of this video.” Tyra commented on her Facebook page about the filming of the video, “We had to film in under four hours because my family had family pictures. It was the fastest shoot we’ve ever done! My parents also stayed up until 5 am to edit it!! Usually, all this takes at the very least two weeks… (yes, yes I know I have incredible parents.) It was most definitely the fastest video ever done!!” And may this author add, that the video is remarkable.

In a recent email from Claudia Orgill, Tyra’s mother, she comments about the air of excitement that filled the house as the idea for the song first came out. She further relates that Tyra and Sander were trying different ideas with different instruments – the harp, piano, dual piano pieces, guitar, cello – when they suddenly played this piece. Upon hearing it, everyone agreed that this “was an idea that needed to be completed and shared with others.”

Tyra Orgill and Sander MorrisonIn the description of the video, Tyra and Sander provide this backstory, “Ancient Drifts is an original song, but it came about in an unexpected way. The first iteration of this song developed the very first time Tyra and Sander experimented with the beauty of the harp and the rich tones of the cello. The melody seemed it couldn’t be anything but inspired by Heavenly Father. Both Sander and Tyra had music within them, and it flowed into the world in the most harmonious of ways. Upon completing the improvised duet for the first time, shock and amazement permeated the room. It was the first time they had ever played those two instruments together, and it all just seemed to fall into place.”

The beautiful scenery used as the backdrop for the video accents the beautiful music played by Tyra and Sander creating an overall sense of wonderment and serenity. As the viewer watches and listens, they are musically transported, if but for a moment, to a place where the cares of the world are laid aside and everything seems still and quiet.


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