Jenn Blosil Am. IdolAn amazing audition awed the judges during the American Idol tryouts in Philadelphia. It is American Idol’s 15th and final bittersweet season!! So I am sure being able to receive a golden ticket to Hollywood is an amazing feeling, to know that you are part of the finale!!

Jenn Blosil, age 23, grew up in Orem, Utah, and is currently living in Brooklyn, New York, where she works in the childcare business. Jenn has loved music and been intrigued ever since she was young, especially with American Idol. She says that, “When I was in 5th grade I remember the first season of American Idol. Kelly Clarkson won. After that I practiced A Moment Like This in my basement for I don’t even know how long! Then it came time for my school’s talent show performance. I was up and was supposed to go on stage, but I couldn’t leave my seat. I just couldn’t do it.” Since then, Jenn has overcome her performing fear, and showed up to rock her American Idol audition!!

Jenn, and many people who met her including the judges said that the best way to describe her is “quirky,” but a sweet and fun quirky, not an awkward one.

Jenn’s audition aired January 13th, 2016. She said, “I must admit, I broke down in the bathroom and cried before my audition. I wondered what I was doing here, everyone is so good!” Little did she know, she was the star that day in Philadelphia, outshining all the other contestants that were trying out.

Jenn BlosilFor her audition she sang a rendition of “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. She played on the piano while she sang, and it was simply beautiful. Each of the judges had only positive things to say. Jennifer Lopez told Jenn, “I find you very interesting, and compelling. I feel like I was watching an artist. I love your voice.” Keith Urban said, “There is any easy presence about you,” and after Jenn received her ticket to Hollywood and left, he said that her performance was “unforgettable.”

Jenn was filmed after she acquired her golden ticket, and with a cute smile and laugh said, “This feels so surreal, I am here to do my best, and if I win that would be a surprise.” Jenn is very modest about her accomplishments and her beautiful voice. The judges seem to have a different opinion about her though, “To be completely honest, there was only one person that wowed us from the city of brotherly love: Jenn Blosil.”

With Hollywood week over and the show beginning to air, Jenn Blosil is one of 13 young women who have made it to the top 24 on American Idol. She is also the last standing Mormon on the show, still standing valiant and strong!! Many young members from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints tried out for American Idol this season, and sadly have finished their time on the show. Yet Jenn still presses forward, amazing the audience and world with each new performance she does.

Jenn Blosil American IdolA unique thing about Jenn is that she does not read or look at social media feedback or read the comments people post. The reason for this is because she has a special story from childhood that resonated with her and is still in her heart. “I like the book ‘You Are Special’ by Max Lucado where the girl doesn’t receive any stars or dots. She stays centered by going to her maker.” Prayer is a huge part of Jenn’s life and it helps her realize her true purpose, and that she has a maker who loves her no matter others may think.

Jenn is a great example of perseverance, overcoming fears, and strength. When I was little my mom would read the book “You Are Special” to me all the time. It also stuck with me, and continues to stick with me each day. You are a unique and special child of a perfect maker, and that perfect maker does not make mistakes.

I look up so much to Jenn, and will continue to watch her throughout the season. I am excited to see where American Idol takes Jenn Blosil!! She has the aura and voice of a star.


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