Popular Utah YouTubers Create New Music VideoFrom the creators of the 2014 project of the creation of the largest live nativity which made the Guinness Book of World Records, and has garnered over 9 million views on YouTube, comes a brand new project for 2015. This time the creators are not looking to break any world records, but rather, they are bringing together popular Utah YouTubers to create and share a positive, uplifting message about Christmas.

The stars of 12 popular YouTube channels who collectively have a following of over 30 million people, have combined their musical talents and abilities to create a music video which they hope will be used to help spread the word that #ASaviorisBorn. This project coincides with the Christmas campaign of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and follows the 29 November release of the Church’s new video for the 2015 Christmas season called A Savior is Born.

One of the YouTubers, Alex Boyé, commented, “This effort is just really exciting.” Alex further commented, “”People are struggling. People are suffering. There is so much tension going on. The real reason for Christmas pierces through even more now because people need it. People want it.” And Shay Butler of YouTube channel “Shaytards” said, “We can share a message that quite literally almost everyone can see.”

Not everyone in the group is well known for their singing abilities. Nevertheless, they have all agreed to participate in this year’s video which features the Utah YouTubers caroling up and down the streets of a Kaysville, Utah neighborhood singing the timeless Christmas carol “Silent Night.” Their goal this year was to include their fans as part of the video. So, in the video, at each door they go to, some of their most loyal followers are waiting to answer the door.

Dave Roberts of the YouTube “Kid History” channel stated, “At the end of the day we love Christmas. We do tons of funny videos that involve family stories and Christmas and stuff like that so we hope that it will resonate that way.” John Roberts of the same channel said, “It feels like mainstream. It’s become uncool to be religious or talk about Christ. We think it’s a good opportunity since it is Christmas to be able to kind of show our viewers what we believe without being real in your face.”

The video will be available for viewing on YouTube on 13 December 2015.


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