Rob GardnerRob Gardner is a famous and fantastic composer who has worked his way up into a beautiful music career. Rob was born in Mesa, Arizona, in 1978. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and served his mission in Bordeaux, France. Among his many musical accomplishments, Rob graduated from Brigham Young University as an outstanding student and has pressed forward in his love for creation and music ever since.

Rob Gardner is well known for the beloved Lamb of God production. The Lamb of God has been ongoing for years and years and is performed during the Easter Season. I remember going to see The Lamb of God when I lived in California. The spirit there was high. I felt a connection with Christ and realized the true meaning of Easter. It is a must see.

Some other projects that Rob has worked on include: We Must Sing, Joseph Smith The Prophet, The Missionary Hymn Project, The Price Of Freedom, Saints And Pioneers, and He Is Jesus The Christ. To learn more about each of these projects, you can visit Spire Music.

Recently Rob started another orchestra group called “Cinematic Pop.” The “About” section of their official website states, “We take the sweeping, emotionally charged classical music you might hear in a film score, and combine it with your favorite rock and pop songs. When you hear our version of a song, you’ll recall and connect with the original, but also feel like you are hearing it for the first time.” What an excellent description, it makes me want to go to a concert and listen to their power. Many of the songs chosen by the group are said to have been chosen with much thought and have personal significance to the group.

Rob “Cinematic Pop” decided to take their creations and perform on NBC’s top-rated summer series “America’s Got Talent,” and left with four “yes” votes from all the judges. The audition aired on 21 June 2016. The group performed a rendition of Tears For Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” 

McKenna Breinholt and Spencer Jones were the main vocalists for the performance, accompanied by a choir made up of 23 voices and a dozen classical musicians. The incredible performance of “Everyone Wants to Rule the World” received a standing ovation, and left each of the judges in awe.

Mel B, one of the judges this year on the show, responded saying that the performance was “So dramatic and mysterious!” She continued by saying, “You actually transported me somewhere. I absolutely loved it! I could listen to this all day long.”

Overall, Rob Gardner is an incredible and inspired composer. I am sure that his group “Cinematic Pop” will continue to expand and be loved by all those who hear them. Be prepared for a jaw-dropping performance as you watch their “America’s Got Talent” performance below.



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