Fox’s new reality television show, The Masked Singer, which airs on Wednesday nights at 9:00 pm EST, is a top-secret singing competition in which celebrities face off against one another while shrouded from head to toe in an elaborate costume such as peacocks, rabbits, poodles, and more. The show airs on Wednesday nights at 9:00 pm EST and is hosted by Nick Cannon, with panelists Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke.

The Masked Singer has garnered the public’s attention as the host, panelists, audience, viewers and even the other contestants are left guessing who the singer is behind the mask after each performance. The singers may attempt to throw off the crowd, but keen observers might pick up on tiny clues buried throughout the show.  Each week, a singer is eliminated — and then reveals his or her true identity.

The Masked Singer - The PeacockSeveral rumors have even connected Latter-day Saints with the show. A recent clue – an angel Moroni – that appeared on Twitter on 13 February 2019, helped to solidify those rumors. During a recent episode, the Peacock revealed that his face has been tattooed on someone’s body. With that tidbit of information, fans feverishly sleuthed the internet, finding a picture, that helped them to piece together evidence to substantiate their belief that the Peacock is none other than Donny Osmond. Other clues that pointed to the Peacock being Donny Osmond included his voice, which perfectly fits Donny’s vocal range and style, the fact that he has been performing on stage since his youth, and  he twirled onstage with a rainbow cape that seems reminiscent of the coat of many colors from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat—one of Donny’s most famous and memorable roles.

The Peacock’s identity was finally revealed in episode six. Newsweek reports:

As with every episode, a video clip was shown before the Peacock’s performance, giving insight about the performer’s identity. Several of the clues were similar to ones we’ve heard before — a performer from a young age, possible magician, loves the spotlight, etc. It wasn’t until the end of the video clues, however, that the trail finally got hot. As the video came to a close, we saw the Peacock twirl around on stage, revealing that the underside of his cape was actually a rainbow.

The Masked Singer - The BeeWith that new clue to go on, the judges starting thinking that the Peacock was Neil Patrick Harris since he has been a performer from a young age and is a publicly out gay man. He also falls into the Peacock’s weight category, which he revealed to be a cool 176 pounds. However, after the video, came an additional clue that helped to piece everything together that had been learned about the Peacock. When the Peacock was asked to show his revealing item, he brought out a brown, curly-haired wig and said, “Because of this wig, I was thrown in jail.” When you put the cape, the wig, and the statement about being put in jail together, it all equals that Donny Osmond is the Peacock.

But Donny Osmond isn’t the only Latter-day Saint rumored to be on the show. Last week the Bee revealed that she has 10 Grammy awards, which sent Twitter abuzz as many realized Gladys Knight has won 10 Grammys. And what about the Bee’s soulful, powerful voice? Is it possible that the Bee is the Empress of Soul, Gladys Knight? Stay tuned to find out.

The Bee and the Peacock Headed for “The Masked Singer” Finals

On Wednesday, 20 February 2019, for the first time ever, two characters in one episode were revealed on The Masked Singer. People magazine reported that the Lion was revealed to be Rumer Willis, who won the 20th season of Dancing with the Stars, and the Rabbit was revealed as Joey Fatone, who previously sang with boy band NSYNC. That leaves only three characters – the Peacock, the Monster, and the Bee – heading to the finals.

As the finals approach, rumors still continue on social media that Gladys Knight is the Bee. On Wednesday night’s episode, the Bee commented that she is a people person and enjoys connecting with people in person. We’ll find out the Bee’s identity on “The Masked Singer” two-hour finale on Wednesday, 27 February 2019. We will also find out if the Peacock is really Donny Osmond or if the Monster is CeeLo Green. We’ll also learn more about how these characters spend their time leading up to the finale.

The Finale and the Unmasking

The Peacock, the Bee, and the Monster each gave stunning performances during the two-hour finale of the show, The Masked Singer. The Peacock kicked off the night of solo performances with a big crowd-pleasing group number comprised of all 12 contestants. He performed Ray Charles’ “Shake a Tail Feather” that “included traipsing through the audience with a cadre of backup dancers in tow.” The Bee performed a soulful, simple, yet elegant cover of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” After the Bee’s amazing performance, panelist Kenan Thompson doubled down on what he said last week: That Bee is Gladys Knight. The Monster once again proved his versatility by performing Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” complete with quite a bit of fancy footwork.

The Bee came in third and was revealed to be Grammy award-winning recording artist, the Empress of Soul, Gladys Knight. The Peacock came in second and was revealed as the world-renowned entertainer, Donny Osmond. The Monster won the competition and was revealed as rapper/singer/Auto-Tune enthusiast T-Pain.

“The Masked Singer” Aftermath

When all was said and done and each of the characters had been revealed, T-Pain (The Monster) admitted that he would have declared the Empress of Soul, Gladys Knight, the winner if he was a judge on the show. Gladys told Entertainment Weekly that she also rooted for other people on the show. She said, “That’s the other side of the coin. They had some fantastic performers, and I liked the fact that everybody didn’t sound alike. They had different ways of projecting their musical choice.” She also stated that she wished she could have moved around more and added more tempo to her music. She told Entertainment Weekly, “I was kinda anxious to do that, but my costume didn’t allow it. My wings were really heavy, and I had on these big boots that I’m not used to walking in. And there was this really high stage — they were even afraid because they didn’t want anyone falling off. So I didn’t get a chance to do that as some other artists did. But I could have done some songs with a little more tempo, I guess.”

After completing her stint on The Masked Singer, Gladys has received numerous offers for new projects. She told Entertainment Weekly that she has received “offers for television shows and things like that, interviews, movies.” She continued, “I’ve been looking at for a minute now doing my life story and just all kinds of different things that I’ve been a part of. They’re waiting on new music from me.”

Gladys Knight has future plans to do a new tour over in Europe.






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