Did you know that besides the main website, Latter-day Saint Musicians also has seven social media channels where you can find articles about some of your favorite Mormon music artists, as well as, some of their music videos and audio tracks? Mormon music can be found on Spotify, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram. You can learn more about our YouTube channel, Latter-day Saint Musiciansians, by reading our recent article. We currently have 62 subscribers to the channel.

In this article we will give you a brief overview of our other six social media channels.

Much like our Latter-day Saint Musiciansians YouTube channel, we have created playlists of some of the many music artists that are featured on Latter-day Saint Musicians. This will save you time when you are looking for music by your favorite LDS artists. As an artist releases new music, his or her playlist is updated on Spotify, so a follower to our channel will always have complete and up-to-date playlists of tunes that they can stream for their listening pleasure. New playlists are created and added on a regular basis. The Latter-day Saint Musicians Spotify channel currently has 646 followers.

Our Latter-day Saint Musicians Pinterest channel has eight created boards thus far, with more to be added soon. Our “Latter-day Saint Musicians Artists Bios” board is the most recent addition and is where we will be sharing links to the music artists bio pages on the Latter-day Saint Musicians website. Other boards that you will find include “Latter-day Saint Musicians Artists Videos,” “Latter-day Saint Musicians Articles,” “Beauty and the Beast Videos” (music covers by our featured artists), “The Story Behind the Music” (these videos will take you behind the scenes of the making of some of your favorite music video covers), “Featured Artists Special Appearances,” “Inspirational Music Quotes,” and “Latter-day Saint Musicians Promo Videos.” Our Pinterest channel receives 3.4K monthly views.

The Latter-day Saint Musiciansians Facebook page with its 7,161 followers to date, was started a little over three years ago. Each day we schedule three to four posts that contain links to the most recent music video releases or news events that have occurred or are scheduled to occur on the Mormon music scene. Our goal is to feature music videos on the day of release, and news events as they are reported. We also have a companion Facebook group called The Latter-day Saint Musicians Gazette.

The Latter-day Saint Musicians Google+ page currently has 698 followers. On this channel we share articles from the Latter-day Saint Musicians website, links to news articles about the Mormon music scene, and links to new music video releases by our featured artists. We also feature a “Recommended Artist” section and a “Musical Musings” (contains interesting quotes about music) section.

Our Latter-day Saint Musicians Twitter page is a mirror of our Latter-day Saint Musiciansians Facebook page. What that means is that whatever is posted on our Facebook page, also gets posted on our Twitter page. Latter-day Saint Musicians currently has 1,156 followers.

Welcome to the Latter-day Saint Musicians Instagram page. This is another channel that we use to share links to articles and bio pages from the Latter-day Saint Musicians website. At times we also share memes of music quotes that we think our audience will find interesting. There are currently 410 people following our Instagram page.

So, while you are visiting our main website, why not take some time and check out and subscribe to or follow our social media channels. Our goal is to keep our audience as informed as possible about the happenings on the Latter-day Saint Musicians scene and our website and social media channels are the tools that we use to do just that. Please tell your family and friends about our website and social media channels as well!

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