Myster Su'a - Before I DieThis week’s “Video Find of the Week” features a music video by Saimasina Su’a (professionally known as Myster Su’a). The song that he sings called “Before I Die” is a powerful message to us all of just how important family should be. In the description of the video published on his YouTube channel on 1 June 2016, he comments, “I am so thankful for two loving parents that taught me the importance of family. Were it not for them I could never truly appreciate and love the family I have now.”

The home is the first institute of learning in which children automatically enroll as pupils. Therefore, the home becomes a virtual classroom, and fathers and mothers, the patriarchs and matriarchs of the home, become the first school teachers that their children meet. They teach their children their first life lessons, imparting to them the basic knowledge that they will need to survive in society, thus preparing them to enter that larger institute of higher learning called life.

In the song that Myster Su’a sings, he beautifully expresses his love for his family and the things that he looks forward to doing and sharing with each of them before his mortal life is over. In essence, it is an endearing love letter to each member of the family featured in the video, collectively and individually. When a person watches the video, it is apparent that he and his loving wife, Patricia, have done a marvelous job in raising their kids and imparting life’s most valuable lessons to them. Thus, the video not only serves as a love letter to his family but also expresses the legacy that he wishes to leave his family.

Myster Su'a - Family FirstHe further remarks in the description of the video, “my intentions with this song were to express my love and gratitude to my little family. To my kids, that remind me of how fragile this life can be. That I too once had big dreams and to hold on to them. To my wife Patricia Tavares Su’a that loves me like NO woman ever could. For pushing me even when times are good and praying with me when I’m down. Life is too short to miss out on the time you have to say how much you care and love.”

There are many lessons taught in the home and the learning process for a child is begun the moment that they as a baby are brought home from the hospital and become part of a family. It is in the home where children learn to live together, work together, laugh and play together. It is there where they learn that the key word is “togetherness.” The home is where they learn to resolve conflicts among one another peacefully and never to let the sun go down while being angry or upset with either their parents or one of their siblings. The home is the place where children learn the true meaning of unity and gain an understanding and appreciation of knowing that together they stand, but divided they fall. It is in the home where children are nurtured in the Word of God and have their feet planted on the path that they should follow.

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