Nadia Khristean and Colby Ferrin - Hit UndoWhen some people think of the word “addiction” they perhaps relate it to such things as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or pornography. However, a dictionary definition of the word paints a much broader picture. Addiction is defined as “the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.” The word “addiction” is synonymous with “dependency,” “dependence,” “habit,” or “problem.” Therefore, a person could just as easily become addicted to food (overeating), sports, gambling, and even television. Addictions are real, and the subject of dependency is a serious issue that needs to be addressed by everyone concerned.

Someone has astutely discerned that “Addiction is the only prison where the locks are on the inside.” Addictions can cause, but need not be a hindrance to living a full and productive life. There is a way to be set free from the proverbial prison. There are programs in place for people seeking help to recover from their addiction. However, to overcome any addiction, it does take courage, determination, and hard work. Someone has wisely stated, “There is no person walking the face of the earth who demonstrates more courage, dignity, honesty, and integrity on a daily basis than an addict in recovery.”

To help others fight their addictions, two LDS artists, Nadia Khristean and Colby Ferrin have created a new music video called “Hit Undo.” In the video they share the powerful message that no matter what mistakes a person has made in life or how much an addiction has taken over a person’s life, they can fight the addiction and win with help from a higher source – they can hit undo. They also include links to’s addiction recovery resources.

Nadia Khristean is passionate about writing music for causes such as songs for families of fallen soldiers, anti-bullying, women and inner beauty, adopted special needs children and most recently addiction recovery. Colby Ferrin also has a passion for making music and is all about sending out positive messages through the media. On his YouTube channel, he describes himself as “an aspiring comedy, rapping, piano-playing, singing/songwriting artist.” Both are returned missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Nadia served her mission in Peru and Colby served his mission in the Mexico City East Mission.

Nadia Khristean and Colby Ferrin - Hit UndoHaving seen the suffering of those going through addiction in her family and in those she met while serving her mission, Nadia knows the powerful impact of the LDS church’s 12 step program. The video that she and Colby made is about second chances within addiction recovery. Their hope is that it will reach out to any person who may be suffering from an addiction or family members who are struggling with loved ones who are facing these types of trials. They send a clarion message to their viewers that there are second chances in life – a person can change.

The making of the video became a very humbling and special experience for Nadia. She had the opportunity to attend a few addiction recovery meetings and invited anyone who would like to share their story to be a part of the video. Thus, all the participants in the video are recovering addicts, and their stories are real. In the description of the video she comments:

Meeting these incredible individuals was an amazing experience, I look up to them for taking the initiative to change and finding strength to do it. None of us are perfect, we are all human, so when we choose to share our story, we inspire others to become something greater. We may not know what kind of impact our story may have, but our deepest experiences could save someones life. Don’t ever be afraid to be who you are, and don’t worry, we’re all not perfect, we’re all on the same journey to become someone better. So take a deep breath, and realize that you are more than what you may think of yourself! And your story may hold the power to change someone forever:)

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