Mother with ChildrenSomeone has wisely said, “A Mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take.” In this author’s short lifetime, he has found that statement to ring true. I have found that are some people who will dare to stand by you through all the challenges of life. However, no matter how close the friendship may appear to be, there are always limits, and sometimes even those who claim to be the closest of friends may desert you. I have also found that there are many people who claim to have a person’s best interest at heart and that they love a person, but their love always seems to be based on certain conditions.

It does not hold true with mothers. Every child is the heartbeat of his or her mother. She may not be perfect in everything she does, but even in her imperfections, the things that she does are done in love. During the good times and even during the storms of life, a mother will always stand by the child she loves. Her love for her children is unconditional. And though there may be times when she feels like throwing in the towel and giving up – she never does. As the poet Helen Steiner Rice once said, “A mother’s love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking.”

Mother and Her ChildrenSomeone else has wisely said, “Mothers hold their child’s hand for a moment and their heart for a lifetime.” Although a mother wants to hold her child near and protect him or her for as long as she possibly can, there does come a time when she must let go and allow him or her to experience life. Perhaps it is in that transitioning period from infant to teen to adulthood that a mother senses a breaking of the bond that she once had with her son or daughter. Sometimes children do stray from the path that a mother has strived to plant their feet on, and even some distance themselves from the one who loves them most, but a mother never gives up hope. Many are the nights that a dear mother has cried herself to sleep, praying for the protection and safety of her child. Thankfully, many do return to the things that their mothers taught them, and work diligently together to strengthen the bond between them and their mother – a bond that will last forever.

The short and long of it all is that there is no one in the entire world exactly like a person’s endearing mother. Mothers are rare precious jewels. There are no diamonds, rubies, or any other gems that are comparable to her worth. No one nor anything could ever take her place. Mothers are indeed miracles.

Latter-day Saint Musicians would like to take this opportunity to wish mothers everywhere a very blessed and happy Mother’s Day. Thank God for mothers! We love you all!



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