Lucky Blue SmithMention the name Lucky Blue Smith and thousands of people would instantly know who you are talking about. That is no small wonder considering the 17-year-old Mormon is a world-class fashion model, and he and his three siblings together comprise a band known as The Atomics which is often labeled as a modern version of the world-famous Osmonds. In fact, Lucky has himself become a teen icon similar to Donny Osmond as he has amassed a fan base of 1.3 million followers on Instagram alone.

In a recent video for i-D fashion magazine, the peroxide blond hair, lagoon-blue eyes model gave his adoring fans a glimpse into the world of Lucky Blue Smith and what makes him such a unique personality. The video was directed by David Helman and written by Lucky.

In the video Lucky exhibits his talents as a drummer, keeping a strong, steady beat throughout the presentation as he recites an A-Z list of the traits that make him unique. He begins by mentioning being a member of The Atomics with his three sisters – Queen Starlie, 21, Daisy, 19 and Pyper America, 18. For the letter “B” he mentions his buck teeth which he has had since he was a youngster. According to Daily

Lucky’s dog Chisai and his sister Daisy, 19, make appearances in the clip for letter C and D, before he goes on to say that he is ‘energetic’ and has a multitude of ‘faces’.

When he gets to G, the teen reminds viewers to ‘stay golden’, with a brief – and bizarre – clip showing Lucky with gold teeth, a gold eye, and some bright gold bling around his neck.

Lucky Blue Smith For the letters “H” sand “I” what else would he talk about besides his success in Hollywood and his followers on Instagram? He uses Instagram to keep his loyal fans up to date on his busy life by posting pictures of outings with his sisters, fashion shoots, and behind the scenes pictures from his budding acting career in both television and film. Although he has been blessed with much success in life, he is quick to admit that he is far from being perfect. He also reminds his viewing audience that he is only 17-years-old and “just a kid” who enjoys “kicking back” and relaxing every now and then just like any other normal teenager.

Lucky attributes his “lanky physique” for helping him become such a tremendous hit in the fashion world, and named “modeling as his character quality of choice” having worked with such famous names as Tom Ford, Moncler, Calvin Klein and H&M in the past year.

Being a famous fashion model is not the only thing that Lucky focuses on. In the video, he switches immediately to the non-modeling aspect of his life with his family being the center of attention. He points out that he is the only boy in the family and shares a black and white video clip which appears to have been filmed shortly after he was born in which his mother is cradling him while his three sisters look on in wonderment. He then introduces his two sisters Pyper America and Queen Starlie via Face Time.

Daily brings the A –Z list to a close and states:

Again reminding us all that he is, at heart, just a teenager, Lucky describes himself as ‘rambunctious’, before moving on to share with viewers his love of ‘skating’ and ‘traveling around the world’ – while also paying homage to his home town of Utah, where he was born and raised along with his siblings.

One of the last traits featured in the clip is ‘visionary’, with Lucky posing up in a bright blue suit while staring through his fingers towards the lens – perhaps an indication that we will see him step behind the camera in the not-too-distant future, rather than focus on the work he does in front of it, be it in fashion, film or television.

Lucky also expressed that he loves ‘wings,’ and also stated that he uses peroxide to keep his trademark white-blonde hair looking its best. Near the end of the video he focuses yet again on being the youngest member of the family and shares a video clip of him blowing out the candles on a birthday cake as a toddler. The video ends with Lucky admitting that he is no different than other young men his age when it comes to sometimes just “zoning out.” He aptly demonstrates this as he pauses the drum beat and stares aimlessly into nothingness.




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