Steven Sharp Nelson from the Piano Guys performs CeLLOOPaAt long last, The Piano Guys have finally released a new music video on their YouTube channel on 11 May 2017. Their last video was posted a month ago, but before that, they hadn’t posted a video in five months.

The music featured in this week’s video is an original composition by the group’s lead cellist Steven Sharp Nelson, the star the video. He used eight cellos and a loop pedal to create the entire song, and the result is a phenomenal, fast-paced composition that is unique, fun, fresh, and even a bit quirky. The main reason for the feeling of “randomness” in this song is likely because Steven began spontaneously playing it during a distracted “squirrel!” moment when The Piano Guys were trying to write another song. They even caught the moment on camera. (He mentions that at the end of his video.) “CeLLOOPa” seems to be the perfect name for this piece because, first of all, it’s random and funny, and second of all, it’s also full of looped melodies that you’ll see occurring in the video.

It’s clear that this video was difficult and time-consuming to create. It’s full of special effects, Steven switching between eight different cellos, and humor. The video starts with Steven walking into a high tech “cello training” room where he activates his computer, “M,” to help him train. His computer asks him, “Would you like me to select the parameters?” to which Steven replies, “Yes, randomize.” The computer then conjures up a few parameters for Steven’s practice session—the number of cellos that will be used, the time signature, the tempo, etc. After changing a few of the parameters to fit his taste, eight cellos appear around him and he begins playing some amazing music using a loop pedal. Throughout his training session, the computer gives him challenges like, “Use the force,” and “Lindsey Stirling Challenge.” Here’s his best impression of Lindsey Stirling’s “lost look”:

Steven Sharp Nelson Lindsey Stirling lost look impression

Unfortunately, his computer rated his Lindsey Stirling impression as a “fail” because Steven never did a backbend.

Steven Sharp Nelson from the Piano Guys failed the Lindsey Stirling impression

At the very end of the video, after completing the computer’s challenges as best as he can, the computer rates Steven’s performance as average, and tells him not to quit his day job and to maybe “try the viola.”

Steven Sharp Nelson from the Piano guys gets grasshopper rating on his performance.

Poor, humbled Steven walks out of the training room with a sad look on his face as his computer tells him, “Good thing you’re a Piano Guy.”

The humor in this video is fantastic, and it’s clear that The Piano Guys spend a lot of time developing high-quality videos for their fans. Sadly, Steven explains during a blurb at the end of the video that it’s becoming harder and harder for artists to gain financial support through YouTube and other online sites. That’s why they’ve created a special site called “The Piano Guys’ Living Room” where fans can contribute to the Piano Guys’ music and have their names listed at the end of each video they post. While the Piano Guys will still post a lot of their music onto YouTube, The Living Room will contain weekly exclusive videos and content that no one else gets to see.

Click below to see the music video.

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