Hillsong United is a popular Christian rock band that started out in Sydney, Australia in 1998. However, it wasn’t until 2006 that their popularity surged with their album United We Stand, reaching No. 28 on the ARIA Album Charts. They have now become one of the most popular Christian bands around the world because of their upbeat and uplifting music and lyrics.

Replace the drums and guitars of Hillsong with a cello—string melodies ebbing and flowing like waves of the sea—add a second female voice, place the singers, the cellist and the pianist in the tide, and we’ve got Seli and Ari of Elenyi singing our souls to heaven.

Elenyi is a singing group of three sisters: Seli, Desi, and Ari—all three bilingual (speaking English and Spanish) and all three magnificent passionate singers.

In this music video, you’ll see Ari and Seli singing along with cellist Maddie Merchant and pianist Masa Fukuda.


The music video was filmed, produced, and edited by Nick Sales, music arranged by Seli and Ari. They prepared it with great care and love because the lyrics combined with calming tones and complementary harmonies is a tribute to a loving God.

It makes reference to Matthew 14:29-31. If we recall, Peter was the apostle brave enough to jump from the ship as they sailed on the sea, reaching out to his Savior. He walked on water! And only began to sink into the depths when he moved his gaze from the Master to the tumbling waves and let fear enter into his heart. Crying for help, the Lord reached out his hands and caught him, just like He does with us every time we fall.

How often are we, like Peter, desperate for help, struggling to keep our head above the water, trying to find an anchor and a refuge? And how often do we forget that exceptional faith is all we need to stay afloat and to walk miraculously across the tempestuous oceans we must cross?

Life will never be easy because it was not meant to be. Our purpose is to be tried and tested so that we can know ourselves by knowing God and trusting Him completely. As we go through the trials of life with the Savior’s grace and mercy, let us remember these words from the second verse of this moving song:

Your grace abounds in deepest waters
Your sovereign hand will be my guide
Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me
You’ve never failed and You won’t start now

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