"Alleluia" Music Video Every now and then a production comes along that is so magnificent and so inspiring that it leaves both listeners and viewers with a sense of wonderment. Such is the case with the recent, just in time for the Christmas season, video release by Jennifer Thomas which is appropriately titled Alleluia. The song is featured on her new Christmas album titled Winter Symphony which now has a holiday station.

Dictionary.com defines the word “Alleluia” as a song of praise. This intertwines beautifully with the true meaning and Spirit of Christmas as people from all around the world celebrate the birth of the Savior with the singing of familiar Christmas carols and songs of praise and worship. Among those songs of praise is the timeless “Hallelujah” chorus from Handel’s Messiah with its resounding “Hallelujah” being sung throughout the chorus, and one final “Hallelujah” as the ending note. Jennifer’s original composition “Alleluia” creates that same type of exuberance and jubilation, as viewers and listeners will want to join in and shout “Alleluia” – God be praised!

Speaking of “Alleluia,” Jennifer posted the following on her official blog “Musical Meanderings” on 1 December 2015:

I’m so happy to present you with my newest music video. This is “Alleluia”, an original piece by me featured on my new Christmas album “Winter Symphony”. Featuring soloist Felicia Farerre, the Ensign Chorus, players from the Utah Symphony and Salt Lake City Pops Orchestra.

Also starring Carolynne May Guinup as the runaway teen, and Garren Pocock as the little shepherd boy.  Directed by Ryan K. McNeal, cinematography by Tel Stewart (The Piano Guys). I hope you enjoy!

While watching the video and listening to the exquisite music, the words of the poem Christmas Really Isn’t About Toys, Copyright © 2006 by Nicholas Gordon, rang true to me. The words to the poem read thus:

Christmas really isn’t about toys,
However much we love them, young and old.
Reductions in the fat of Christmas day
In time restore its vigor and its health.
So let us not display our absent wealth,
Though children should have ample chance to play.
More sweet and joyous music must be sung,
And thoughts of peace and mercy make their way
Silent and uncluttered through the noise.

Shepherd BoyJennifer has done a magnificent job in creating a masterpiece that certainly helps to reminds us all of the real reason that we celebrate the Christmas season. The message presented in the video is one of hope, everlasting joy, and peace that anyone can obtain by focusing less on the material aspects and commercialism that are so often at the forefront during the Christmas season, and focusing more on the Savior of the World – He who was born King – the Light and the Life of the world – the Prince of Peace. Indeed, what Jennifer has created is a masterful work of art through the unique gift of music that will in time, itself be considered timeless. The video is a special gift directly from her, and one that is sure to be well received and forever cherished by everyone who views the video and listens to the music. Thank you Jennifer for sharing this wonderful gift with all of us at this joyous season of the year.


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