The news media is replete with stories of refugees who are fleeing their native lands to come to the United States where they hope to find safe harbor from the tyranny and oppression that plagues their lives on a daily basis. As people watch the many news broadcasts about the plight of these peoples, hearts are touched, and many want to do whatever they can to help.

Although this compassion is admirable, many people often overlook the fact that refugees do not only come from distant lands. If we take a look around, we will find that refugees live next door to us in our communities. These are individuals who struggle from day-to-day to survive and who also need our love, compassion, understanding, and support.

Michelle Wood BaerThis week’s “Video Find of the Week” features a new music video by Michele Wood Baer called “Refugees of the Heart.” The video is based on the song “Safe Harbors” by Michael McClean. The words to the first verse of McClean’s song remind us that there are indeed refugees among us who are not necessarily from foreign shores, but the battles that they wage as a result of secret wars are real nonetheless. The news media may never report about their struggles or grief. Nevertheless, these are individuals who are desperately seeking relief and need our help.

Michele produced the video “Refugees of the Heart” with Sterling Baer as the executive producer, Steve Porter in charge of video production, Liz Porter as the artistic assistant, and Richard Talbot of Euphony Sound Studios was the recording engineer. The actors used for the video are Susan Rienzo, Ryan L Jenkins, John H. Euber, Mateo Delgado, and Tessa J Timblin.

According to her bio on ReverbNation, “With years of vocal experience and a passion to inspire, Michele Wood Baer has a vision of bringing others hope and comfort through word and music.” She has performed in musical theater and benefit concerts in 4 states, composed music for youth conferences, directed high school and children’s choirs, and has regularly participated as a speaker at “Especially for Youth.” She is a wife and mother of six, all of whom love to sing and are soloists in their own right.


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