Mormon MissionariesThey have been seen in areas from small rural towns to large metropolitan cities, and in many overseas locations. Some of them use bicycles as their main means of transportation, others use vehicles to get from place to place, and still there are others who walk everywhere they need to go, or rely on public transportation to get them to their destination. They are modestly dressed young men and young women, with the young men dressed in suits, and the young women dressed in blouses and skirts, all wearing a black name tag. Many of them are recent high school graduates. They never travel alone, but are always found with a companion by their side. Who are they? They are missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Lord’s Church has always been a missionary Church. The life of our Savior is a perfect example of how missionary work is to be done. Throughout His earthly ministry, Christ taught the gospel at all times, in many diverse places, and to people from all walks of life – the religious scholars in the temple, the sinners, those who believed and were faithful, and those who doubted His Word. Just as in Christ’s day when He called apostles and other disciples to go into all the world and proclaim the gospel (Good News), He has called men and women today to go forth and do likewise.

The Rapstoration - Elder "O"Mormons believe that we are all children of the same Heavenly Father, and as such we are one big family. With all of the problems that plague our world today, Mormons realize that the answers to those problems can be found in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and so they become anxiously engaged in sharing the good news of eternal life with all of their brothers and sisters. At this very moment, there are tens of thousands of missionaries throughout the world who are handing out copies of the Book of Mormon and sharing the Good News with everyone they meet. Most of the missionaries are under the age of 25, and all have voluntarily left their homes for a period of time – 18 months for females, and two years for males – at their own expense, to follow in the Savior’s footsteps as they go about preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

These Mormon missionaries are also known for their ingenious methods of presenting the gospel in a way that is easily understood and well received by those who take the time to listen to their message. The use of music is one of the ways in which this ingenuity is demonstrated. There are a number of YouTube videos in which Mormon missionaries are using their God-given talent of being able to rap to help them present their important message. One such Mormon missionary is Tre Ofahengaue (also known as Elder “O”) who published a video on YouTube on 25 November 2013 called The “Rapstoration.” This week in our “Video Find of the Week” category, we feature Elder O’s video for both your learning experience and enjoyment.


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