A lot of the music we listen to these days is upbeat and has catchy lyrics that we like to sing along to, but sometimes a pure musical number is what we need to feel a calming presence and peace in our life and escape from songs that constantly play in the background throughout the day.

Tyra Orgill and Sander Morrison combined their talents and love for music, and together were able to create a beautiful medley of thePiano and Cello hymn “Jesus of Nazareth.” To feel the power and serenity of the song, you do not need to hear lyrics playing in your head or have a verbal message conveyed. The piano and cello mesh beautifully together, and by only listening to the music of these two instruments a passionate connection can be felt between you and Christ.

I remember the first time I started to enjoy and listen to merely instrumental music. At first, I thought I would get bored of this genre, but not very long after opening up my Spotify and starting to play such music; the realization occurred to me that it had an incredibly calming effect on me, more than I had ever felt before by way of music. That is when I decided that whenever I needed to relax or rest my mind from the continuous hustle of life that I would turn on music such as this song and sit back and just listen. Let the music flow into my soul and relax my mind and worries, feel each note and become refreshed with each one played.

I once had an experience where I was having an exceptionally tough day, and just did not want to listen to the average song that plays on the radio repeatedly or that was a norm on my Spotify playlist. I, in the heat of my frustration and sadness, harshly hit the power button to turn off the music in my car. Feeling negative emotions roll over me I decided that I needed to do something different, I needed to find a way to change my mindset and mood. I opened up my music and turned on The Piano Guys. Halfway through the first song that I listened to I felt composed and serene. I was able to work my way out of the negative emotions merely through listening to an instrumental piece of art and music.

I cannot think of a better way to find comfort and calm in your life than to listen to a medley of “Jesus of Nazareth.” Gratitude for Him and all He has done for humankind and uniquely for you will overcome any painful feeling or thing you are experiencing.

Trials and heartache are a part of life; we all go through them each in our way. God has given us support to get through the rough times, and I firmly believe that music is a major one. Not only instrumental but also all music, whatever rings true with you. When the hard times come, though, and surely they will, I recommend that next time you try and turn on some instrumental music, and let your mind be at ease, and feel the powerful effect that such music can have on your soul.


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