All a person has to do is turn on the local newscast, and it is apparent that there is a significant amount of civil unrest and upheaval in society at the moment. Much of this disturbing activity stems from the proverbial walls of division continuously being constructed. On one side are those who are pro-Black Lives Matter, and on the other are those who are pro-police. When in reality, in recent days, both the lives of Blacks and the lives of police officers have been needlessly lost.

New Video "Glory"This author is a firm believer in justice for all people. I fully understand that people are fed up with the racial injustices taking place in our neighborhoods, and rightfully so. Such unwarranted actions have gone on for far too long and must cease. However, violence has never proved to be a viable resolution to any given situation. Many in our society must come to the realization that incessant hatred toward one person, a group of individuals, or an organization, only continues to fuel the fires of social disturbances – fires that soon become uncontrollable raging infernos. Hatred used as a means of retaliation only begets more hatred resulting in a bloody battlefield lined with the slain bodies of often innocent victims.

New Video "Glory"If we are to survive as a race of people – the human race – then we must tear down the proverbial walls of separation and begin to build bridges of hope, love, peace, and understanding. If peace is ever to return to our society, we must find ways to work together in a civil manner to work towards a resolution that will benefit society as a whole – not just for some or a select few. The scales of justice must also be balanced making the laws of the land fair and just for all people regardless of the color of their skin or their position of authority. Now is the hour when the clarion call for unity must sound forth. We strengthen our resolve when we are unified – standing together as one.

In recent news, on 7 July 2016, what started out as a peaceful march to bring attention to the lives of two Black men killed by police officers in Minnesota and Louisiana, soon turned into hatred and a horrific scene of bloodshed, as a sniper opened fire taking the lives of five police officers. In the wake of all the protests taking place across the nation along with numerous arrests, three LDS artists – Yahosh Bonner, Na-G, and Jonathan Litster – joined their talents and voices to create a new music video called “Glory.” The video delivers the powerful message that regardless of a person’s race, job, background, or beliefs, we must come together to overcome the problems that we face such as inequality, police brutality, and racism. When we are able to do that, it will be a GLORIOUS day.


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