Yahosh Bonner - You Raise Me UpThis Week’s “Video Find of the Week” features the talented vocals of Yahosh Bonner and Abraham Thomas singing an excellent rendition of “You Raise Me Up.” The heart and soul put into their presentation render not only a powerful message to everyone that no matter how hard life may seem, the Savior is always right there to raise us up; but is also a heartfelt testimony in a song of that truth.

This life is replete with its many trials and adversities, and none of us are exempt. There have been times in all our lives when we have sought comfort and peace from the mundane things of the world that seem to bombard us constantly.

We all face our battles – our own Goliath – as we travel on this pilgrim journey.  Whether or not people understand our struggles should not be our primary concern. At the end of the day, whether we are true to ourselves is what matters, and not being overly concerned about what others say about us, or think about us. The Savior knows each of us by name. He loves us, and we are unique and precious to Him. He knows the burdens that we bear and the trials and temptations that we face.

Abraham Thomas - You Raise Me UpFor each of us, the road we travel in life has obstacles and hurdles, as well as those potholes called “failure.” We do our best to navigate our lives around the potholes without falling in, but at times we may overlook a few. The good news is that we do not need to walk alone in this life trying to handle all our problems ourselves. As we stay focused on our Savior, He will safely guide and protect us on our journey.

No one ever promised us that life would be a rose garden. No one ever promised us that the road that we would travel would be smooth as glass. Life is full of many lofty mountains and many flat and desolate valleys. There may be a “Goliath” which crosses our path from time to time, but we will never do anything in this life if we continually quit every time we come face to face with a “giant” who is blocking our way and daring us to go any further.

We must learn to always carry a proverbial slingshot and a few smooth stones in our backpacks, and take courage like the little shepherd boy David, and face the “Goliath” in our lives head on with the determination that we will defeat him, and not allow him to beat us. But again, we need to remind ourselves that we need not face “Goliath” alone. We need to remember that we can do all things through Him who strengthens us. We may get knocked down, but He is always there to raise us back up again.


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