Yahosh Bonner and Jalyn Macedone This week’s “Video Find of the Week” features Yahosh Bonner and Jalyn Macedone in a new music video released on Yahosh’s YouTube channel on 10 October 2016. The song that they sing is a soul-stirring rendition of “He Still Loves Me.”

Described as “an inspirational gospel song with the goal to touch the hearts of those who strive to live right and fall short,” the song is a beautiful testimony about how much the Savior loves each of us even when we feel unworthy of His infinite love. Through the power of music, Yahosh and Jalyn, joined by a choir made up of friends, share their personal testimonies of this truth. The description of the video continues by reassuring everyone that “Because of Jesus Christ we always have a chance to receive a fullness of joy!”

It is certain that this life is a test filled with challenges and obstacles that we must face and overcome along the way. We all make mistakes and fail at times in our life. It seems at times that no matter how hard we try to do what is right, we fall short of the mark, leaving us feeling hopeless, helpless, and unworthy of our Heavenly Father’s love. We need not face the obstacles and challenges of life alone. In times of distress and trouble, at times when it seems that our best is not sufficient, the Savior bids us come unto Him, and He will give us rest for our weary souls.

None of us are perfect, but we are indeed fallible human beings who strive for perfection. There will be times in each of our lives when dark storm clouds seem to loom over us for an eternity with the rumbling of the accompanying thunder being ever deafening, and the brilliant lightning ever blinding. There are those times in each of our lives when it seems like the harder we try, the more we fail – times when it almost appears as if the black storm clouds will never dissipate and the sun will never shine again leaving us feeling melancholy and forlorn.

Sometimes some incidents occur in our life that seems beyond logical or reasonable explanation. In hours of desperation, we may find ourselves crying out, hoping for answers about why something has happened, but the answer to our incessant pleas for help never seem to come.

There are times when we may even become frustrated and irritated and begin to feel that there is no hope, never realizing that perhaps now is not the time for the “why” to be revealed. Things happen in life, not perchance, but often to help make us stronger, and to cause us to be humble, and less apt to take things for granted.

He Still Loves MeAre we not all mortals? Do we not at times feel pain, suffering, frustration, remorse, anger, and the agony of defeats as well as the joy of victories in our lives? Does the Savior not know the burdens that we bear and the feelings and emotions that sometimes accompany those burdens? Yes, He does!

Regardless of what happens in life, regardless of how many times we may seem to fall short in life, He has promised us that His grace is sufficient and that He will never give us any more than we can bear. He has also promised us in His Word that He will never leave us nor forsake us. His grace and mercy are more than enough to see us through any situation. His love for us never fails. We may fall short at times, but He is always there to lift us back up.

As you watch the video and listen carefully to the words of the song, may it touch your soul and be a healing balm and testimony that although, at times we may think we are unworthy, He still loves us.


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