Maeva Clery

Maeva CleryMaeva Clery is a 15-year-old rising French singer who is passionate about music. She lives in the south of France with her parents and three siblings – two brothers and a little sister. She says that with a family their size, they never get bored.

Maeva was on a search for her true passion, having gone from dancing to riding to figure skating. She credits her mother for introducing her to various musical tastes that range from Edith Piaf to Daft Punk, bypassing music greats like Michael Jackson and many others.

In 2012, she discovered that her true passion is music. She started taking individual singing lessons with Barbara. In 2014, she met Damien Chicot (Mel Ville) who helped her develop her artistic abilities by encouraging her to create covers of songs by artists that range from Zazie to Adelle to Beyonce. She comments, “Damien has been able to give me confidence in myself whether on stage, in video or even in everyday life.” She continues by saying that she can never thank him enough.

Maeva CleryAfter creating different covers and posting them on the internet, Damien wrote a song for her in 2016 called “I Posed the Heart” that he asked her to sing. From there, things began to take off and move rather quickly. She recorded the song in the studio with André Hampartzoumian and Damien Chicot (Mel Ville), and filmed a music video with Nathalie Ganan, Baptiste Janvore, Geoffrey Nicolas, and her friends.

Maeva thanks Nathalie for the advice on dance and how to be artistic which allowed her to feel more comfortable in the video. She thanks Baptiste for the making of a great video, and Geoffrey for his positive attitude that allowed her not to be too stressed during the shooting of the video. Recording in the studio was a first for her and she thanks André Hampartzoumian for knowing how to give her the right advice. Last, but by no means the least, she thanks her friends (Caroline, Lukas, Gwenaelle, Sarah, Agate, Illiana, Chloe, Willy, Gabriel, Medhi, Syrielle) for being in the video with her and for supporting her. You can also find Maeva on iTunes.

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