Jake Grey

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Jacob Privette (known professionally as Jake Grey) is a 20-year-old singer and composer. Not only does he compose and sing music, but he also plays several instruments including the guitar and ukulele. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in July 1995 where he recently returned to further pursue his music career after living in Utah for a time. He is a Hispanic-American and speaks both English and Spanish.

Jake has managed to garner a substantial amount of followers through social media. In a recent email he stated that as of 29 April 2016, his Instagram has “BLOWN UP” with over 13,500 fans. He also mentioned that he has been contacted by a number of producers and has plans to release a lot of new music this year. He also plans to tour as soon as he can.

Jake Grey is not just your average entertainer. He strives to help others through various mediums such as music, photography, cinematography, and even management. His purpose in music is to provide clean, uplifting music to the world. He further stated in his email, “I am very blessed and grateful. My music is my creative outlet where I can show others how Christ loves them.” He also said, “I am pushing myself to release music to help others and to grow as a person.” He currently has two songs out on all major music distributors, and as of April 2016, the videos that he has starred in or has been a part of total over 21,700,000 views.

He says that his photography and cinematography career goes hand-in-hand with my music. In a 26 October 2015 interview with Salt Artist, he was asked why he started this venture. He replied, “I started taking pictures because I bought a camera and I got asked to take pictures for T-Pain. I started doing music because it saved me from the darkest of places and I wanted to help others through music.” He also stated in his recent email, “When I work with a nice client, they find out about my music and want to collaborate. It’s the best thing that has happened to me in a long time.” Speaking about collaborations, he says that he dreams of one day being able to collaborate with Jack Johnson or Ed Sheeran.

Jake Grey - Royalty

Jake has a new single called “Royalty” which will be released next month. He says that after the release of his first two singles he had writer’s block when he was dating his girlfriend at that time, Kayla. He wrote the song “Royalty” to describe the feelings that he had for her the night before they broke up. He describes the breakup as messy, and because of that, releasing “Royalty” has been hard for him. The song is a collaboration between Jake and Atlanta-based producer, Aaron Pace. It features dual vocals and a backing track composed by Pace.

In the October 2015 interview with Salt Artist, he was also asked what message he would give to the world. His answer was, “That being happy is okay. You can be happy even when depressed.”


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