Kara and Megan Atkisson

Kara and Megan AtkissonKara and Megan Atkisson grew up in Utah in a family of five girls.  The tradition of girls continues to the next generation and they now have a niece, Olivia, who loves to hear her aunts sing. Whenever Olivia is sad and crying inconsolably, her parents play Kara and Megan’s Winter Wonderland video which always calms her immediately. The video was published on their YouTube channel on 13 December 2015, and to date it has been viewed 642 times. The video was produced and filmed by Tanner Stokes, and edited by Megan.

There was a time when the sibling rivalry that existed between the two sisters was so strong that the office in their home was torn out to create another bedroom so that each of them could have their own space. However, it wasn’t long before they realized that music can be a healing balm. Perhaps it was American pianist, singer-songwriter, and composer, Billy Joel, who said it best, “I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by.” As the sisters learned to arrange difficult harmonies, they simultaneously worked through their points of contention and became best friends. The two of them are now so in sync, they even speak to ice makers in unison.

Kara and Megan AtkissonKara and Megan started singing to share their testimony of Jesus Christ, and to spread joy and happiness through song. Their videos are upbeat and positive, and with each video, their viewers gain a small insight as to what makes them so wondrously unique as individuals. With limited resources to draw from, they have had to learn to do some things for themselves. They have done their own videography, and in order to create their music videos, Megan learned video editing. The first video that Megan edited is called “Kisses on the Bottom- Kara & Megan Atkisson.”

They were recently invited to try out for America’s Got Talent. They were told they needed to have one 90 second song and then a backup song in case they were asked for it. Four songs later, without minus tracks and a broken capo, their options were limited. Kara told the judge, “We have a spiritual song we like to sing.” With fresh courage, they sang an a capella arrangement of all four verses of the hymn “There is a Green Hill Far Away” for the judge. The Spirit filled the room as they demonstrated their unwavering faith and bore their testimony through song. That song was the golden ticket to advance them to the next level of the tryouts.

One of the greatest breakthroughs thus far for Kara and Megan has been working with Tanner Stokes. He has done a lot of their recording, and he also arranges the music for them.  He has a short cameo on the guitar in the Winter Wonderland video, and the three are collaborating on writing original songs. Their first song, “Original Song” (A real title and music video are in the works!), was debuted at the Fire and Ice event at the Riverwoods.

Kara and Megan hope to continue sharing hope and happiness through their music as they avail themselves to every opportunity provided them.

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