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Red YetiRed Yeti was an old pickup truck, now the namesake of a rockin’ Provo, Utah, band. Red Yeti’s 5 members — Kimball Barker, Jared Scott, Coleman Edwards, Nic Blosil, and Isaac Lomel — were  amateur musicians with dreams of becoming professional.

Known for skipping meals and other essential human functions to play guitar and write music, Kimball Barker of Salt Lake City has miraculously discovered how to convert rock and roll into sustenance.

His best friends are his wife and his guitars, and when he doesn’t have band business to attend to, he likes to drink custom made soda and shop for records.

Jared Scott’s love for music can only be outmatched by his love of potty humor. He probably got his twisted sense of humor from growing up in Texas, but it’s best not to hold it against him, because it’s his warped sense of reality that feeds his creativity.

Before joining Red Yeti, Jared had zero experience playing bass and years of experience on guitar and vocals. Joining Red Yeti meant that he would have to start at ground zero, but Scott welcomed the challenge.

A self-taught bassist, Jared’s musical contribution has become the heart and soul of Red Yeti’s sound.

Contradicting every band stereotype in history, Red Yeti keyboardist Coleman Edwards is the actual stud of the band.

What is it about him that goes against this rich rock and roll tradition? It might be that never in the genre’s history has there been a keyboardist as stylish and charming as Coleman Edwards.

He calls Salt Lake his home, but calls Paris his hometown. “Paris is always a good idea” he says.

Nic Blosil wears many hats. He is all at once: the drummer for Red Yeti, CMO of Red Yeti LLC, and Co-Founder of the KVM Foundation.

His pursuits are his passport to new and exciting places. Most recently he was in India instructing students for his non-profit, professional academy.

Growing up in Happy Valley has shaped Nics’ character and personality. Rarely is he without a smile and a kind word.

The effects of his kindness have spread throughout his local music scene, and he is affectionately known as the nicest/loudest drummer in Provo.

Isaac Lomeli’s progression in the band is not measured in time, but in decibels. Originally an acoustic artist, Lomeli didn’t start playing electric guitar until he was writing music with Barker and Edwards.

Slinging a Fender Telecaster, Isaac made sure that he was heard loud and clear wherever he played. Whether it’s in their practice studio, or on stage, Isaac’s sound and energy is at a constant eleven.

Like a moth to the flame, Lomeli can be found wherever there is music to be enjoyed. He is a staple in the local hip-hop scene, and if you’re lucky, he might just show up at your next dance party.

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