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Steven StewartSteven Stewart is a vocalist and songwriter from Lohja, Finland. He has been performing and writing music since his youth. Speaking about his genre of music, he states on his website, “As an artist, the genre of most of my music is Contemporary Christian. Kind of organic electronic piano-driven pop. When I play live, it’s usually just me and a piano, rather than using playback or a full band.”

Steven has amply showcased his music prowess as a solo vocalist and as a lead singer in various pop and rock bands in the United States, Finland, Germany, and the United Kingdom. In the United States, he was the lead singer with “Shoot the Mime,” and in Finland, he was the lead singer with “Fake Finn” (later performing as “Frozen Ocean”). The style of music played by both bands was mostly melodic rock.

He further comments, “I’m a big fan of well-crafted pop and singer/songwriters, but I also enjoy rock, soul, R&B, new country, and electronic.” He also writes music for other artists which covers a variety of genres including pop, rock, country, dance, gospel, Contemporary Christian (CCM), R&B, and hip-hop. In his native country of Finland, some of the artists who have recorded his music are Anna Abreu (3x Platinum), Antti Tuisku (Platinum), and Katri Yländer (Gold). Others include Club for Five, Geir Rönning, Agnes, Panu Larnos, Laura Voutilainen, Jari Sillanpää, Aki Sirkesalo, and Sani (Aikokone).

Steven StewartSteven has also written songs on Gold and Platinum records for various famous Finnish artists including IDOLS, X-Factor, and The Voice. His song “Why ” sung by Geir Rönning, was chosen to represent Finland in the 2005 Eurovision (ESC) contest in Kyiv, Ukraine and was performed on television in more than 40 countries. Other famous artists with whom he has either co-written or written songs for are Hilary Weeks, Lise Darly, Jenee Wright Prince, Alex Boyé, Wayne Burton, Michael Webb, and Michael McLean. He has also written songs for Especially for Youth (EFY).

His inspirational CD “Balance” was released in 2006 by tidbit music. According to their website, “The album title is justified with just the right balance of vibey pop, joyful dance, and heartfelt ballads, to have something for almost everyone searching for inspiration.” For the backup vocals, Steven used the talents of singer Jenee Wright and other unnamed voices. He co-wrote the 13th track on the CD titled “Believe” with Christian songwriter, Hilary Weeks. It is a song that speaks of the skepticism Christ’s contemporaries had about His mission. comments, “The result is an album with good production values and great Sabbath day music. All 18 tracks testify of Christ and His gospel. Overall, [the CD] is a good buy for both musicianship and songwriting.

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