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Sunny SizerSunny Sizer, an Australian singer and songwriter, attained a passion for music and for becoming a musician after her first grade teacher assigned her as the lead singer in a Christmas concert. When she started singing “Little Donkey” her parents were surprised to see her singing the lead as they had expected to see her singing as part of the choir. From that time, her parents encouraged her to take advantage of every opportunity to sing. She sang in Church, school, and community choirs, and was happy performing the solo parts.

In 1994, her mother bought her a keyboard for Christmas which she used mostly for the sound effects and rhythms when playing with her brothers and sisters. She later learned that there was more to the keyboard than just making cosmic siren noises and asked to take piano lessons. As she became more confident in her ability to play, she began combining the piano with her fervor for singing and started learning hit songs by such artists as Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. Her desire was to sing and become famous like the artists she tried to imitate – Whitney Houston, Alanis Morissette, Jewel, Tina Arena and Natalie Imbruglia.

She writes about her early music experiences on her official website:

It wasn’t until attending specialist music school Brighton Secondary that I started to appreciate a wider range of music. I loved Jazz composition classes and realized how much I enjoyed writing my own music. With this new found passion I quickly put away the ‘Best of the 90’s’ songbooks and started writing my own cheesy songs about my friends and future boyfriends. As I got older and teenage angst and heartbreak came along, I found writing and singing a perfect way to vent my feelings. Thinking back to those songs now, they were so incredibly embarrassing!

In late 2011, with the support of her husband, Sunny launched her singing and recording career by choosing her favorite songs and recording her first full-length album called “Cold Shadow.” She commented:

It was important to me to record with musicians who shared my passion for music and to have a producer who understood my vision. It has been a long and slow process- nothing comes cheap or quickly in the creative field, but I finally have something that I am truly proud of and am excited to share with anyone who wants to listen.

I love having the opportunity to make music a strong part of my world. Secretly, I still enjoy the occasional daydream of crying tears of joy through my Grammy acceptance speech.

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