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Voice MaleVoice Male is a six­man contemporary a cappella group that has been delighting audiences across the Mountain West since 1994 with shows that can only be described as pure, spontaneous fun! Voice Male’s members are 2 Mikes, 2 Johns, and 2 Ricks.

More accurately, the group consists of bass Mike Willson, tenor Mike Bearden, bass and percussionist John Luthy, baritones John Huff and Rick Murdock, and Richard McAllister as the high tenor.

In 1994, the members of Voice Male got together at Utah State University (USU) where they were all members of the New Horizons Choir at the Logan LDS Institute of Religion. In the beginning, they were a nine­man group just looking to have some fun, but their energetic live shows ended up taking USU by storm. After a couple of years, three group members moved on, leaving the six guys who make up Voice Male today. They sing a wide variety of covers and originals and have performed hundreds of times at all kinds of events for a combined audience of over a hundred thousand. In the process, they’ve developed a blend that lifts young and old alike.

Phil Kesler, who previously sang baritone in the six­man a capella group, passed away from cancer in 2010. His sweet family was around him in their home when he died. He will be missed by all of his close family and friends, but also by all of his loving fans. To read more on a blog dedicated to Phil, please click here.

They have released 13 albums, including kid music, Christmas tunes, and hymns: HIMS (1997), HIMS 2 (2003), Gifts (2013), Jingles (1998), Jingles 2 (2005), Jingles 3 (2012), Christmas Live (2010), 2013 Christmas Music, Voice Male (1996), Up, Up, and Away (1997), Hooked (2000), Six (2001), and Kid’s Stuff (2008).

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